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  1. Confidence1303

    Confidence1303 New Member

    Hello My phone is dead and when i plug it in the charging light starts flashing but its not charging what is going on? HELP :confused:

  2. By the charging light I'm guessing you mean the white LED near the microUSB port? The purpose of that light is to let you know the phone IS charging when the battery is too low to do anything else, so why do you think it's not charging?
  3. Knitewulf

    Knitewulf Well-Known Member

    You probably ran the phone completely out of battery and if that's the case you have to wait a little while till the phone gets enough juice to power the screen back on.
  4. andoru

    andoru Member

    I have the same problem with a Milestone. I plug it in, I leave it for hours then the LED turns off, but the phone's still dead. Plugging the miniUSB in the phone without the battery makes the LED turn on for a split second and then turn off, and nothing more. Is there some way to jumpstart the phone?

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