Phone is not booting

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  1. kjp24081972

    kjp24081972 New Member

    I have installed a regional font in the root folder system/fonts on my mobile Micromax A87 (rooting done on my phone). After installing I have pressed the power button the Micromax logo "Superphone Ninja 4" only appearing. I am not able to go further. Also I have tried fastboot there also failed to boot the mobile. Pl help how to solve this issue.

  2. idhbar

    idhbar Well-Known Member

    If your cwm works, then make a factory reset and clear cache, then reboot.
  3. ryshic12

    ryshic12 Well-Known Member

    Go to recovery mode.
    shut down your cell phone.
    while booting hold the volume up button and hold the power button until you see the superfone logo.
    then go to factory reset (using volume buttons)
    and select it using the power button :)
    your phone will factory reset.

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