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  1. abrulot1

    abrulot1 New Member

    hi all,

    So I made a good decision to go swimming with my skyrocket, and have went through the whole rice and drying out process. Now my problem, the phone will power on and everything that i have time to try works fine, however, after about a minute the phone just resets. I have tried a different brand new battery, not the problem, and the phone will not stay on long enough to perform a factory reset. Those are the only ideas I have ran across. I have searched these forums but my search has thus far been fruitless. During these test my sim card has not been in and the result is the same with or without my SD card. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  2. AK1021

    AK1021 Active Member

    How long did you leave the phone in the rice? Sounds to me that maybe your phone is toast.
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  3. nesto1

    nesto1 Well-Known Member

    AK is right, if you getting constant reboots you may want to just start looking at craigslist for a new phone.

    Also when you get the new phone - DO NOT PUT YOUR SIM or SD card in it. You need to replace those as well. They got wet too and like any other chip based media, they will start to degrade and will cause further issues.
  4. abrulot1

    abrulot1 New Member

    AK the phone was in the rice for a little over 24 hours and has been in and out of the rice since then. Nesto thanks for the tips. I am with you guys i thought it may be toast as well , but I just wanted to see if anyone had ran across this before and maybe had a fix.
  5. AK1021

    AK1021 Active Member

    24 hours isn't enough time. You should have left it in there at least a week.

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