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  1. Spbeyond

    Spbeyond Well-Known Member


    This is the error, "phone storage is full! Delete some files to free space." I have at least 7 gigs of free space.


  2. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    Your phone's internal memory is full. Not your memory card. They are entirely seperate.

    Try uninstalling some apps that you don't need anymore. And also try clearing cache on some of your apps.
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  3. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    The message from your phone is referring to ROM (internal storage) you're looking at your SD card - not the same place.
    Your phone is correct,you need to delete some things out of your phone. If you haven't already, start by clearing the cache on your phone. If that doesn't correct the problem it's time to start deleting apps.
  4. mbennum

    mbennum Member

    Or root and install a rom that supports Apps2SD, then you can move apps to your SD card and use up all of that 7gb :p
  5. Spinozz

    Spinozz Member

    I think I have solved on my HTC incredible, which has 8GB, says 7GB remaining, but I get Phone Storage Full errors, and I cannot download apps nor MMS and other problems

    I had my Exchange email set to download all my email and calendar items, and I think the storage was actually full and misreporting space. I set the email sync to get only 30 days, waited for a long re-sync (which effectively un-sync'ed many emails), and now all failing apps are working again and phone storage full errors gone.

    a) check apps and storage memory
    b) check email (Exchange, Gmail, Facebook, or other sync settings)
    c) look into optomizing those settings
    d) see if resolved
    e) report here on this and other similar posts
  6. thenestor

    thenestor Well-Known Member

    My wife was complaining yesterday that she got the "low space" error on her phone even though she only has 20 or so applications installed. (Note: She is not rooted and doesn't want to be.) Anyway, I looked at her application sizes, and none of them had a large cache that needed to be cleared, but I did notice that had 22MB of data!

    Sure enough, in the "updates" screen of the People app, you could scroll down through months and months of Facebook updates, and there's no way to clear them. Even removing and re-adding the Facebook for HTC Sense account doesn't clear that data. So we manually cleared the data, then removed and re-added the Facebook for HTC Sense account (since the token had to be reset in Now she has free space again and her People app is running much more smoothly.
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  7. Slugdoc

    Slugdoc Well-Known Member

    For the benefit of those who may prefer more detail, what exactly was done to "manually clear the data" since there was no cache to clear? Clear Data in the Applications pref panel? Does this lose contacts who are "Phone" and not "Google"?
  8. juanito157

    juanito157 Well-Known Member

    My incredible keeps telling me that "Application data space is low? Ive removed at least 50 MB of apps and re-booted but still get the same message.

    SD card total space is 1.84 available 1.34
    Internal phone storage is 6.60 GB and 5.12 GB available
    Phone memory is 748MB and 503 MB available

    Whats going on? I don't see a problem in the numbers.

    Please help
  9. Not sure if this will help your specific situation, but worth a shot when your phone won't sync!
    Go into the installed applications, and look for one that says, and hit clear data...that did the trick for me, not sure what it'll do for you
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  10. omgitslynn

    omgitslynn New Member

    thank you so much chadelliot2012! that worked for me.. for now!

    i wasn't able to send any texts or receive any email because i was prompted with the message phone storage full! - i deleted almost all my apps by now.. but it was better than doing a hard restore at this time.
  11. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    That makes me think that the social network data is only allowed so much space - regardless of space available on the phone. When the alloted space if full it kicks out this error message.
  12. sts7049

    sts7049 Member

    i starting getting low memory errors as well, and i don't have many apps installed. plus i noticed my contact list wouldn't load. this tip did the trick!
  13. stephm

    stephm New Member

    oh wow...i really hope this works.
    ive become very anxious (in a bad way) as to when/if my phone is going to do that again.
    how awful!!!
    it wouldnt even let me MAKE A CALL with that low space message.
  14. totall4285

    totall4285 New Member

    I am having low internal memory. It seems to be linked to my mail 78.48MB but I can't seem to clear the data. Any help?
  15. sts7049

    sts7049 Member

    did you delete some of your mail messages?
  16. totall4285

    totall4285 New Member

    All of my inbox, outbox, sent, drafts, and trash messages have been deleted but still showing almost 80MB memory in mail.
  17. wnycomputerrepair

    wnycomputerrepair New Member

    First and foremost, this is a huge problem on HTC's part since the idea of having the Hero in the first place is to have the ability to slide between 7 screens and toggle between, at the very least, the 6 scenes that HTC provides. This means you should be able to fill up 42 screens with market apps. Know the difference between scenes and screens. On top of that they provide you with the ability to create more scenes, each of which contain 7 screens. Anyhow, I discovered today that "Peep", the twitter app, was consuming 83.5MB of data. After removing this data and no longer using that app I was able to clear the message "Internal Memory is Low on Space". Deleting apps is NOT the answer and shouldn't be. I am not sure why Sprint hasn't come out with a new firmware version other than 1.5, which is what came with the phone when I purchased it ONE YEAR AGO!
    Tim Slazyk
  18. billnuss

    billnuss New Member

    Having the same problem - I even delete my accounts and it was all still there...
  19. Hypo Luxa

    Hypo Luxa Well-Known Member

    I must have missed that option.. how do you do create another scene?
  20. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead VIP Member

    Home screen > Menu button > Scenes

    You can create multiple different scenes and save them along with the stock themes that they offer.
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  21. jaayznuutz

    jaayznuutz New Member

    Originally Posted by chadelliott2012 [​IMG]
    Not sure if this will help your specific situation, but worth a shot when your phone won't sync!
    Go into the installed applications, and look for one that says, and hit clear data...that did the trick for me, not sure what it'll do for you

    I'll be damned...!! This trick worked like a charm!!! :D CHADELLIOT2012, u are a LIFE SAVER (...or a time saver or a phone saver...or all of the above LOL)!!

    I've been reading up on ways to fix this problem ALL DAY, with no luck... until I found this thread and this suggestion. I cleared the data from the "" and the Low Storage Space notification went away! I am up from approx 6MB of Internal Phone Storage Space to 17.55MB.
    I am also able to download more apps & install app updates again!! THANK YOU for the help!!
    ...(one thing I did notice, that I thought was peculiar, was after I cleared that data & the LowStorageSpace (LSS) notification went away, I went back into the "" section and 32.00KB of data was present, but the LSS notification had not returned!! :confused: I do not remember exactly how much data was in there before I cleared it but it was odd to go back in right afterward and see 32KB present. But... I guess as long as the LSS notification is gone and I can DL apps and install updates, its good enough for now :)

    Also... I HATE THE HTC HERO and the fact that it CANNOT GET ANDROID 2.2!!! :mad: I was told by the ppl in the Sprint store that it would be upgradeable throughout the life of my 2yr contract, and a mere 6 months later it was not!! I plan on switching to AT&T and getting an iPhone as soon as my contract has ended...if not sooner!!

    But again... THANK YOU FOR THE HELP on the Low Storage Space issue!!!
  22. mikebrinkerhoff

    mikebrinkerhoff New Member

    I have a Hero, just passed the 30 day mark for easy returns, and suddenly it's doing this. I've cleared out nearly all of my txt messages - it won't let me read new ones, so I left the unread ones in the hopes of one day reading them - and deleted all unread email. However, the HTC Mail program still shows as using up 70MB of storage. Is there any way to actually reduce that, short of deleting accounts and re-configuring? I CAN do that, but if it's going to be an every-30-days thing, I'm not exactly happy about it..

    Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

  23. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    In the messages app you may have an option to view a delivery report, if so then you also have an option to delete the delivery report. Do that to clear up some more space.

    As for email, you specifically stated that you deleted unread messages. You didn't say anything about emptying the deleted messages folder (if there is one). Also, the app may have a sent messages folder, if so delete all the unneeded ones out of there also.
  24. itbedave

    itbedave Well-Known Member

    So, I was getting this error message for a couple weeks now - but (like everyone else), my phone showed I had PLENTY of memory! It did't get annoying until things stopped working in the past couple days:

    - updates wouldn't download
    - new downloads wouldn't download
    - Google Talk stopped working completely
    - gmail wouldn't update my inbox or download new emails
    - screen touch response was getting more flaky

    among other things.

    So, I tried all of the things mentioned here and on other similar threads to no avail. The problem didn't get any better in spite of my best efforts.

    I went into my Application manager prefs and viewed them by size instead of A-Z. One of the larger ones was Flash, which I downloaded and update for not too long ago. On a whim, I decided to uninstall it and reboot (again). Guess what...

    Problem is gone.

    No more error message. All of the problems I had above are gone. Everything is working as it should - except for Flash of course.

    I'm curious to see if others that are having similar problems would try this (deleting Flash) and seeing if you have the same results. I would like to know if it's really Flash causing the problem, or simply the deletion of one of the larger apps that's fixing it. Because if it's Flash, that's a big deal.
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  25. turbootter

    turbootter Member

    Me too..43MB in my mail. contents of all folders deleted. even deleted account, still there.
    Don't really want ot do a factory reset to have the same thing happen again.

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