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  1. biswaray

    biswaray New Member

    Hi All,

    I am using HTC Salsa for almost 5 months now. And i am really worried about the internal storage of the phone.

    Every time I want to download anything or even download the software update its telling me "phone storage is low"

    What can I do about it?



  2. kkanga

    kkanga New Member

    Gidday Ray,

    My Australian Vodafone HTC Salsa came preloaded with 54 apps. I have added another 8 and have 87mb internal memory free.

    You must have a lot of apps installed, as the low memory reminder usually pops up in Android, when memory is a low 15 to 20 mb approx. I am not suggesting to root the phone, as mine is only a few days old, still under warranty, as yours probably is.

    This is what I have installed and recommend and should get you out of the low memory area. From the Android market, download a app called App 2 SD. It is free and does not require root privileges. It will move most of your installed apps from internal memory to the SD card, except widgets, live wallpapers, alarm & sync apps and will free internal phone storage space.

    It may take a while, as you will need to transfer each app you have installed one at a time, but there is another saviour with this app. When you are finished transferring all apps to SD card, press the HTC menu button and select "clear cache". Finally reboot your HTC Salsa and hopefully, you may be in for a surprise.

    Let me know how it goes.

  3. kaiserstein

    kaiserstein New Member

    Just unlocked the bootloader of my salsa from htcdev. com, rooted it and installed the cwm recovery.
    Then partitioned the sdcard (1GB) as the internal memory, ran the script.... now I am loving it :D
  4. He is it easy to do
  5. BigBearEvo

    BigBearEvo Member

    easy, just follow my guide i sent link for in other post...i develop roms for the salsa so i should know a thing or to lol

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