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    Create Playlist easily for your Stock Music Player

    Things you'll need :

    1. Songs
    2. Astro File Manager

    HOW TO :

    PART - 1

    1. Open Astro File Manager.
    2. Navigate to the folder in which your songs are located.
    3. Multi-Select Songs you want to add in the Playlist
    4. Tap "Music" on the tap
    5. Tap Add to Playlist
    6. Name your playlist
    7. Tap Ok

    PART - 2

    1. Open your Stock Music Player
    2. Tap the Top-Left Corner
    3. Tap the Middle button (not the home key on your phone)
    4. Scroll Down to the Playlist
    5. Tap your Playlist & You're Ready to Go


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    thanks for sharing

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