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  1. BlueWRXPride

    BlueWRXPride Member

    I have had my One X+ for about 3 days so far. I'm coming from an iPhone 4, and so far the battery life has me a little nervous. Other than that I love the phone. I don't have any hard numbers, and I realize that being a new phone I'm using it more than I will under normal conditions, but it still seems like the battery drops much faster than I would anticipate. In addition, when it's plugged in, the battery percentage goes up quite slow. I've even seen some instances when I'm plugged into a 1 amp charger, and the battery percentage still goes down if I'm downloading and playing a game for instance. Is this normal? Is there such a thing as a bad battery and I should bring it back to exchange it?

  2. Mitchturbo

    Mitchturbo Well-Known Member

    I found the battery goes down quite a lot without using it. I've been trying to sort out what's doing it through my apps and widgets. I've also found the battery charges really quickly though, as quick as my old phone which was a 1200 battery. This is supposed to be a 2100 battery so weird how it's charging the same speed. Another thing I have a battery % app and it says so much then if I'm playing a game it tells me I have 4% left then a min later the phone switches off.
    So I'm starting to believe the battery might be the same as the original one x.
    Or the tegra 3 is consuming way more power than my one core phones I use. My HTC flyer for example is one core at 1.5 ghz and goes all the way to 1% before switching off, this hox+ goes to 3% then dies,
  3. AndrizzleHD

    AndrizzleHD Well-Known Member

    I also was using a an iPhone 4 and see better battery life in it than the HOX+. I played with the background sync options in settings and so far the battery life appears to have improved some what. I am about to use the power saving options to test that, followed by a 3rd party app like JuiceDefender. If any great progress I'll let you all know.
  4. BlueWRXPride

    BlueWRXPride Member

    So i downloaded an app which would give me a plot of the battery level. When I went to sleep last night, it was at 15%. I plugged it in with the included wall charger, and according to the graph, it took 6 full hours to get it back up to 100%. Sounds like a really long time to me, does that sound normal? Then when I woke up, I unplugged it and didn't touch the phone. 1.5 hrs later it's down to 93%. Is this normal?
  5. Luckyfinch

    Luckyfinch New Member

    It's the same with me. I just got a replacement I will see if it changes anything. The dude at the store told me it's normal but I am going to assume he is a moron. Though he did have a super nice beard so I am inclined to trust him.
  6. BlueWRXPride

    BlueWRXPride Member

    Yeah, please let me know if you see any improvement after the exchange. I'm still within my 14 day window luckily. Was there any restocking fee if you're exchanging because it's defective?
  7. BlueWRXPride

    BlueWRXPride Member

    Here's some more info on my battery life. I disconnected from my charger at 6:30am today. I intentionally had pretty light use today so I could see how it fares. The most work I gave it was streaming pandora for about 45 min over 4g. At noon it was down to 50%. At noon I started playing Hill Climb Racing, which I consider to be a fairly non-cpu intensive game to play. After playing 15 min it had dropped down to 35%. All this is with wifi and bluetooth off. I can't imagine this is normal, right?
  8. BlueWRXPride

    BlueWRXPride Member

    I have a quick update on this. I went back to the AT&T store last night and told them what was going on. They gave me a new phone with zero hassles. I got home and got the battery down to 10% by installing all my apps back on there. According to the battery manager, it took only 2.5 hrs to charge back to 100% which is much better than the 6 hrs needed by the other phone! I'm hoping that today shows the battery life lasting much longer then on the other phone!
  9. Supersnake

    Supersnake Member

    Please let us know how your battery performed in your replacement! Am following this thread, and especially your comments, intently.

    Am about to bite-the-bullet and purchase the HTC One X+ but the battery power depletion issue like I have been reading is so far a deal breaker. If I continue to see battery power issues I unfortunately am not going to purchase it.
  10. BlueWRXPride

    BlueWRXPride Member

    Well so far it does seem better. I was certainly using the phone more than yesterday, and the battery has lasted longer. That being said, it's still not great. Two things worth mentioning. I'm using an app called Battery Info, and on the status screen it tells you runtime since last boot, uptime, and time in sleep mode. I had rebooted it this morning, so it's at about 6 hrs of runtime right now. 4:24 of that is uptime, and only 1:37 is in sleep mode. Seems high, but I suppose if I'm listening to pandora that would count as uptime?

    Also, if I look at the battery usage in the setting page, it shows Mediaserver with the highest amount at 36%. Next is pandora at 20%. What is mediasever and should it be so high?

    Lastly, is there a free app to tell me how much cpu each program is using?
  11. Mitchturbo

    Mitchturbo Well-Known Member

    To be honest the battery isn't great but is adequate for any smart phones these days. Using it as a phone the battery lasts a good long time I found. Using it as a web browser, media and game device the battery does drain. But again it's about average for a smart phone these days.
    What I don't see is how this could really have a 2100 battery when it lasts about as long as my old phone which had a 1200 battery.
    So expect to charge it once every 12 hours if you use it medium to heavy use.
    Light use I would imagine 24 hours to 30 hours. That's with hardly touching it. (again I would imagine)
  12. BlueWRXPride

    BlueWRXPride Member

    Another quick update. I think that the battery is going to be managable. I think I may partially be spoiled by iOS battery life, which apparently will always be better than android. The new phone is performing better, getting a full charge in 2 to 2.5 hrs, and it does last longer for sure. I have disabled something to help, such as the ring options to ring louder when in your pocket, quiet the ring when you move the phone, etc. Not sure how much effect those have.
  13. bren77

    bren77 New Member


    Totally different subject but because I'm new I cant start a thread.

    The 3 red buttons across the bottom of the phone... Mine don't light up. I take it they should? Please let me know so I can return if faulty.

  14. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    A 2100Mah battery is not going to impress to much, especially since its an LTE device, and it's powering that massive screen. It's an HTC thing, they just can't seem to comprehend that these devices need bigger batteries and a platform/skin that really utilizes power consumption better. Samsung and Motorola have broken ground on having better power consumption on their new devices, while HTC continues to just lag behind. If battery life is important to you, stay clear from HTC.
  15. fsn1977

    fsn1977 Member

    I had some trouble with slow charging in the first week, but now it takes about 3 hours for a full charge from "0"
  16. greatsnoring

    greatsnoring Well-Known Member

    Yes they should light up.
  17. sylkisgsx

    sylkisgsx Member

    My advice: don't count out power saver mode

    To my knowledge, power saver mode limits you to one core and turns off data connections when the screen is off.

    This might sound unappealing to some (after all, quad-core was one of the biggest selling points), but it's not so bad when you consider that each core offers 1.7ghz. This should be more than capable for most of the things you do on your phone (if you seriously intend to game full-time, there's other devices much better suited for that...). Need more juice for a game? Turn power saver mode off... game... then back on again when you're done.

    I really think "power saver mode" was a bad name choice. My personal opinion, they should have labeled it "performance mode" where all of your cores would be enabled after being checked.

    I think people would feel less inadequate when putting their phone into power saver mode, making this mode "normal mode". It would also be more of a treat whenever you needed to enable "performance mode", instead of feeling let down whenever you have to go into "power saver mode".
  18. ClownCake

    ClownCake New Member

    Only when its dark around you. Try covering the top of ur display!
  19. NoobDude

    NoobDude New Member

    These phones require the oem HTC charger to both charge fast and hold a charge longer. With my HTC charger on my 3 month old rooted device i can reach a full charge from 5% in under 3 hours, but if i use a universal or another phone charger it will take up to 6. This was the same with my one x and one x+. These phones recognize the charger. I hope this helps.
  20. KidKobun

    KidKobun Member

    Well that's pretty weak, especially when the cables are so damn short. :(
    I've had the HOX+ since day one and so far I'm feeling like I wish I would have stuck with the HOX that I had for a couple weeks before hearing that this would be making the jump to the states.
  21. BlueWRXPride

    BlueWRXPride Member

    Take a look at this site: Cheap and simple USB car fast-charger mod

    I've used this method to modify a car charger as well as a 4 usb port wall charger and it works great. You just need a little soldering knowledge and it's really not hard. My One X+ charges fast wherever I need it to now.

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