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Post Your OC Kernel Settings. (I/O, Gov, Min, Max) For Hyper Kernel and Marquee Unleashed 3-D Kernel

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  1. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hi all, I just wanted to ask you peeps to post what settings you use for the OC kernels. I made a thread in one of the other sections for this and it ended up helping quite a few people getting their phones set up. I hope it does the same here.

    If you will, please post what Kernel you are using and the app you use (Voltage Control, AnTuTu, SetCPU, etc.). Also please list your settings for I/O and the Gov. plus Min/Max settings.

    I use several different profiles but if you would please post the settings for everyday use first. If you would also like to post other profiles please feel free to do so, (Night time, Performance, etc.).

    Thank You:)

    I am using:

    Voltage Control Extreme

    Hyper Kernel 1.5

    I/O - SIO
    Gov. - InteravctiveX
    Min. - 220-300
    Max - 1000-1300 (depends on what kind of mood I'm in):p

    Marquee Unleashed 3-D Kernel 3.2.1

    I/O - cfq
    Gov. - OnDemand
    Min - 300
    Max - 1300

  2. smokinjoe1979

    smokinjoe1979 Well-Known Member

    Hyper Kernal v1.5

    Minimum: 700 MHz
    Maximum: 1300 MHz

    Scaling: ondemand

    wetbiker-which kernal do you like better? Hyper or 3D Unleashed?
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  3. jmedno5891

    jmedno5891 Well-Known Member

    Is there a place where I could find descriptions of what each governor-I/O does and means? I really have no idea when it comes to this sort of stuff yet so I mess with it as little as possible :(
  4. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    It just depends on my mood for the day (lol):p.

    I like the fact that the Hyper Kernel gives me more options as far as I/O and Gov. settings go plus the 1400 setting but i like the 3-D kernel also, it's very stable. I guess when it boils down to it, I'm happy running either of them.:D

    Maybe this will help ya a lil.;)

    Governors and I/O Schedulers Guide - xda-developers
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  5. jmedno5891

    jmedno5891 Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much! This was exactly what I needed, time to start messing with my phone :D
  6. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I went ahead and set up a few profiles that I wanted to share.

    App- Voltage Control Extreme

    Kernel- Hyper-Kernel 1.5

    Everyday profile

    I/O - sio
    Gov. -InteractiveX
    Min - 220
    Max - 1300

    Performance profile

    I/O - vr
    Gov. - performance
    Min -400
    Max -1380

    Night profile

    I/O - noop
    Gov. - ondemand
    Min -220
    Max -800
  7. jasherpowers

    jasherpowers New Member

    I keep mine same at all times:

    Hyper Kernel 1.5

    Min: 220MHz
    Max: 1360MHz
    Governor: Lionheart
    Scheduler: sio

    Lionheart governor set to:
    Freq Step: 5
    Ignore Nice Load:0
    Down Threshold: 30
    Up Threshold: 60
    Sampling Down Factor: 1
    Sampling Rate: 50000

    This set up works well for me; smooth with pretty good battery life.
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  8. k28king1

    k28king1 Well-Known Member

    Using marquee unleashed:

    On demand profile(power save)
    600mhz Max
    300mhz min

    1000mhz Max
    600mhz min

    On demand(light gaming)
    1300mhz Max
    1000mhz min

    Performance( resource intensive gaming)
    1300mhz Max
    1300mhz min

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