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  1. Meh

    Meh Well-Known Member

    Hey all.

    Currently own the i7500 (grrrrrrrr) and looking at a new Android handset. The Desire is a bit pricey for me at the mo so looking at the Wildfire.

    A few Qs-

    -is the screen resolution that bad? (I mainly browse mobile versions of sites btw)
    -Do most of the main apps work ok?
    -how is Google Maps on it with the screen? How is navigation? Is it all clear?
    -Is it looking like getting FroYo? (Looking at T-Mobile).


  2. Mr Lahey

    Mr Lahey Active Member

    Ive got the Desire and bought my son the Wildfire for his 9th Birthday, looking at the Desire the screen is crystal clear, images are perfectly defined and colours bold. You can't see the pixels and the image is probably as near to perfect as you can get.
    Going from that and looking at the wildfire it looks like an lcd screen, numbers arent smooth but pixelated, colours arent blended and defined but like the old style computer images. The colours are bold but they look very pixelated.
    Also the screen is not as sensitive as the Desire and has a cheap feel to it and it is very noticeably slower.

    The phone itself is gorgeous but is still running 2.1, if it were me, or if you are in the UK id get on AV Forums classifieds, you can pick up a new Desire for about
  3. Meh

    Meh Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your reply. Will have a think.
  4. scorpionatthepc

    scorpionatthepc Well-Known Member

  5. Mr Lahey

    Mr Lahey Active Member

    No out of 10 compared to the Desire.

    The Wildfire is a great phone, but the Desire makes it look like a basic wanabe... Well, Desire - Which is exactly what its meant to be.

    If you look at your screen and think it looks good, go look at the screen on the Desire and you will see the difference is huge.
  6. scorpionatthepc

    scorpionatthepc Well-Known Member

    Yet you only give it 4 out of 10? True the screen res isn't as good as the desires but 4 out of 10 is pretty harsh considering you called it great & gorgeous. Its my 1st touch screen phone and I find it very good. I was going to go for the desire myself but the price was a bit too much for me on contract it the time so I went for the wildfire instead and like it very much.

    The only problem I have with the desire is that it looks too big.
  7. Mr Lahey

    Mr Lahey Active Member

    The Wildfire when compared to the Desire is no where near as good. The screen is poor, response is no where near as good, the phone is slower and while Desire users are anticipating the new Sense update you are still waiting for 2.2.

    On its own the Wildfire is fantastic, which is why i bought it for my son. But compared to the Desire it is poor.
  8. JamesT

    JamesT Well-Known Member

    I agree with @Scorpionatthepc, I think the desire and most of the other high end androids that are a bit too pricey are also too big to fit in my pocket.

    There would be room in the range for a true Desire Mini. Just as fast and upto date and hi-res as the Desire without the Dom Joly huge phone size.

    The Wildfire is a really clever compromise though. It's the perfect first smart phone for people switching from a nokia or sony ericsson candy-bar size phone. When you campare it to the phones in the same price range and similar form factor; Nokia 5230, the Sony X10 minis; Samsung Jet and Monte; etc. - it stands out a mile.
  9. Tony.

    Tony. Member

    And lets not forget my Wildfire battery lasts nearly twice as long as the wife's desire battery with very similar usage. I find the Wildfire screen is more than adequate for most mobile usage (even watching YouTube videos)

    The main decider for me was the
  10. scorpionatthepc

    scorpionatthepc Well-Known Member

    Well after seeing one in action I took the risk and bought a desire today. The screen is a big improvement over the wildfire but in my voting the desire would get a 9 out of 10 and the wildfire a modest 7.
  11. Mr Lahey

    Mr Lahey Active Member

    Another fault with the Wildfire........ You cant get Angry Birds :D
  12. scorpionatthepc

    scorpionatthepc Well-Known Member

    Was one of the 1st things I installed. I will say that the wildfire does have a another plus over the desire and that its a smaller phone. Ok so the screen is smaller but it was just the right size phone to me. Will have to get used to having a 'brick' phone again now.

  13. danskmacabre

    danskmacabre Member

    Having come from an old "Candy bar" style phone and shortly after that an old HTC 620, I have found the step up to the wildfire quite nice.

    It's still pretty small (which I prefer) and so far have got a couple of days out of a charge with some wifi usage and messing about with some apps.

    It plays youtube really well and the browser is pretty fast as well.

    All in all I'm pretty happy with it, but I would qualify that with I've never used a desire or an iphone or any other high end mobile.
    I'm not personally looking for a high end phone anyway, I'm mostly interested in texting, phonecalls and email.

    I've enjoyed playing about with the functionality so far though, but I'll probably get bored with that after a while.

    All in all it's a nice cut down phone with some handy functionality, but if you want to be sure you won't have any hiccups with higher functions, I'd go for a desire.
  14. amg_1969

    amg_1969 Well-Known Member

    I have a Wildfire and a Desire, they are both great phones, the Wildfire is the Desires cheaper brother, it does pretty much everything the Desire can do, but does not look quite as flash and quick doing it.

    There is one thing that makes me like the Wildfire over the Desire, and that's that I have had not one single issue with it, not one crash, not one problem, where as my lovely Desire can be a little bit flaky, and is in fact the only phone I have ever had to send away for repair, plus the lesser screen on the Wildfire means the battery lasts much longer.
  15. Meh

    Meh Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all your replies. Have now got a Desire and loving it :)
  16. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Good choice. Come over to the desire forum and say hello ;)
  17. Rigel

    Rigel Member

    To good for us now, it strait over to the desire forum is it. You've changed, you've changed:p

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