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  1. dsharp

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    TL/DR at bottom paragraph.

    Hey guys, I have had a rooted Droid Incredible for about four months now and I have had no problems until last week. I have been using MIUI since I first got the phone and I have not used a custom Kernel. I usually do not download any apps or games but last week I found a couple apps that were fun and decided to download them. After that, my phone started to act strange and it eventually blanked out all my widgets. I did a hardware reset using the RUU with proper drivers but had no luck. I would like to know if this is due to downloading apps on my phone or if it is a known issue with MIUI, or if there is a reason I am not aware of, I would be happy to receive any tips and knowledge of rooting a phone. I do not consider myself very good with technology but the rooting process was no big deal because all that was required was that I could read English and follow directions. But I am confused as to why my phone started malfunctioning and would be grateful for any assistance. Thanks everyone!

    Here is the TL/DR: My power button no longer works. When starting up Boot Loader, the volume up and down keys do not work when normally the volume keys are responsive, and because my power button is malfunctioning, I can't select anything.

    I have used RUU for Froyo with proper HTC drivers installed and still the same problem. I have looked online to find many people have been struggling with the same issues as myself and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to fix my phone.

    Everything else works except for the power button, so I can't make outgoing calls or check messages etc., unless I take the battery out or someone calls/messages me. Please let me know if there is something I can do to fix the issue. Though this sucks, I'm thankful that my phone didn't brick out. =]

  2. sdrawkcab25

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    What is the current software on your phone? Are you still rooted? On what ROM?

    What problems are you having other than the power button?

    I believe you can use "widget locker" to make the trackball or volume keys wake the phone. Also if you are rooted still, some ROMS have that feature built in.

    It is also possible to replace the power button.
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  3. dsharp

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    Hey thanks for your reply. To my understanding, my phone is still rooted because when I pull up the Boot Loader, it says "S-Off". However, I have set it back to factory settings and currently there is only the stock Rom and Kernel installed on my phone at the moment.

    I haven't tried Widget Locker but I will get to that once I finish classes tonight, but as for replacing the power button, do you mean going to a store and replacing the button all together? If so, I have noticed from the other posts online that Verizon Wireless is rather unhelpful with rooted phones. I have tried calling a smartphone technician but he all told me that the problem with my "Power Button" may be the result of the UI (I use MIUI) not being compatible with my Droid Incredible that is causing a system malfunction that prevents my power button from working. The technician has never seen my phone and only told me this solely through my explanation of the problem.

    One quick side note: I was under the impression that installing "Unrevoked3" would not turn S-Off unless I was using "Unrevoked Forever" but it has turned the S-Off. Is there a way I can restore it to factory settings and making the S-ON? I am asking because I have the "Total Equipment Coverage" with Verizon and once I can get past the S-Off, I can simply receive a new phone.

    Other than that, if you can offer any advice on what I can do with my current device, I would greatly appreciate it. If you live around Los Angeles County, I will be more than happy to treat you to lunch or whatever else you may require. Thanks again for reading my post.

    Edit: There are no problems with my phone other than the power button. Everything on my phone works but I cannot turn it on to check my messages, make calls, etc.
  4. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    So basically right now, you are unrooted with s-off (unlocked bootloader). To get your phone to a complete factory state, you will need to re-root ( unrevoked.com ), install the tool to get back to s-on (locked bootloader). Then run the RUU again.


    Your power button malfunctioning has nothing to do with you being rooted or what ROM you were running. It's actually a pretty common hardware issue. You could replace the power button yourself if you are handy, but since you are paying for equipment coverage, I would have Verizon replace it (the phone), after completely unrooting.
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  5. dsharp

    dsharp Member

    Thanks for the instructions! I found the S-ON tool but on the website it tells me to go into boot-loader and use the volume keys and power button to fix the S-ON problem. I mentioned earlier that my power button and volume keys do not work in boot loader. I can easily do this but because of the button malfunctions, it may be a bit more difficult. Are there other ways to turn S-ON? Or will the volume up and down keys magically work when I install the 2.2 PB31IMG.zip onto my SD Card?

    Here are the instructions that I found:

    1.) Need to return a phone and currently have S-Off? (aka Unrevoked Forever) If so, please visit public:forever [RootWiki] where you can download the latest S-On tool and the process to load to your phone. If you want to keep S-Off and just return to the official 2.2, skip to step 2.

    2.) Download the 2.2 PB31IMG.zip (extracted from the official 2.2 RUU):

    Mirror 2

    Note the file size (172 MB) and the MD5 (31BB1611A0FA8197D447C0438426717E) to ensure a successful download and file integrity. If you have questions about how to verify MD5, please see post #2 of this thread.

    3.) Attach phone to PC with USB debugging on and in disk drive mode.

    4.) Access the SD storage and drag the PB31IMG zip file (still fully zipped) from the desktop onto the root of the SD card (any open area, do not place into a folder).

    5.) Swipe down notification bar on phone and change to charge only.

    6.) Unplug phone from PC and turn off phone.

    7.) Hold volume down while pressing power button to enter hboot.

    8.) PB31IMG.zip should be automatically recognized in hboot. Press volume up to continue with update. Do NOT interrupt.

    9.) When finished, reboot to stock 2.2 and verify the following information at Menu > Settings > About Phone:
  6. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    The s-on file is flashed in clockwork recovery, no need for the power button, then run the RUU.
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  7. dsharp

    dsharp Member

    Awesome, I will try that within the next hour. One LAST question(s). How do I reformat the SD card into FAT32? And do I simply place the files found in the S-ON tool into the root of the reformatted FAT32 SD card memory like I do with the 2.2 PB31IMG.zip? Thanks so much!

    EDIT 2: It also seems like for this to run in Clockwork Recovery, I need to reroot my phone. Is this true?

    EDIT 3: By the way, can I buy you Reddit Gold or something? I really appreciate your time.
  8. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    Yes, you need to reroot using unrevoked again, then flash the s-on file in clockwork just like you would flash a ROM, then you can unroot using the RUU again.
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  9. dsharp

    dsharp Member

    I can't believe how easy that was. Your way took about four steps as opposed to anything else online. Thank you so much. I really appreciate this!
  10. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    It really is a simple process, but the guides online and on this forum have to account for someone that has never attempted the process.

    Glad you got it all straightened out though, we're always here to help.
  11. FramCire

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    To the OP, when this Guy says "we're always here to help " , he means HE is ALWAYS here to help. The dude has helped.more.people here than anyone I can think of. I don't know how to tthank him properly, but I wish there was a good way to do so!

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