Predictive Text Suggestions...PAIN!!

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  1. pnehoops

    pnehoops New Member

    Firstly, apologies if this is somewhere else. (I tried the search function to no avail)

    I have the following issues with HTC Legend text service which are evident with Handcent etc (presumably as it's the same core system?)

    Most words suggested come up as plural first... e.g mornings rather than morning. This continues despite selecting morning from the list it then offers.

    View appears first instead of they. I know which word I use the most and having to select it constantly instead of just clicking space is annoying.

    ay comes up instead of by. Ay is not a word saved in the dictionary. I have tried saving by and they (as per above problem) but this doesn't work.

    Ga now appears instead of ha. Same situation as above.

    These are trivial issues in the scheme of things but can be incredibly frustration on a supposed 'Smart' phone!

    I have re calibrated touch settings, restored factory settings, cleared and re done dictionary... I have tried all manner of things. So annoying!

    Any help greatly appreciated.



  2. wad

    wad New Member

    Just restore ur mobile r format ur mobile once i think den the prob ill not exists

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