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  1. jengman_cd

    jengman_cd New Member

    Just got the Replenish, which is my first smart phone. I'm a tech geek who happened to take his sweet time jumping on the Android bandwagon, but so far, I've been enjoying the solid phone and the intuitive OS. Only MAJOR issue I've noticed so far is an problem displaying certain Chinese characters when I read Chinese sites. For instance, the word for "not" (不) shows up as a clear box  (an example; I don't actually see any numbers/letters inside the box on my phone, it is just a blank empty clear box), regardless of whether I see it on a site or input it as pinyin or handwriting. I know it's the right character based on context, but it just won't appear. Same with the character "le" (了), which is unfortunately one of the most used ones in the Chinese language. They also show up as the same clear boxes.

    As you can imagine, this is a serious problem for me, and I've been doing some research the past few days about others experiencing issues with reading foreign languages on their Android phones, probably because of poor unicode font implementation or something like that. Hebrew and Arabic are noted, but Mandarin Chinese doesn't seem to come up very often. Someone mentioned rooting the phone and overwriting the default Droid true type font with their own. I'd obviously prefer to try a more vendor approved solution first. Any ideas where I can submit this bug report or have someone tell me how to fix this? I went on my brother's Samsung Galaxy and the characters rendered just fine on his phone.

    Like everyone else with this phone, I'm running 2.2.2 Froyo.


  2. jengman_cd

    jengman_cd New Member

    Also, any ideas when they'll come out with drivers so we can connect to the phone from our computers? It'd be great to be able to access the SD card without having to remove it from the phone. Or perhaps I'm missing something here? (Windows XP here)
  3. jimisol

    jimisol New Member

    I have exactly the same problem with the same characters--slowly finding more--on my Samsung Galaxy Mini. If anyone knows a fix for this, it would be well appreciated. As 'jengman_cd' says above, it's quite a serious problem as these are all very common characters.

    As for Samsung support? Forget it...
  4. Chengdoo

    Chengdoo New Member

    Any solution to this? Does a flash help?
  5. aimo

    aimo New Member

    I just got my Android phone. It gives me the same problem. Could anyone please share any solutions? Thanks!!
  6. usertt

    usertt New Member

    Thank you.
    I followed above link rooting the phone and overwriting the default Droid true type font with their own and copied another DroidSansFallback.ttf to /system/fonts/. The fonts did not work from "DejaVu fonts" (about 100KB) as they said. I copied DroidSansFallback.ttf (over 4MB) from another CM7 and now fixed.

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