Problem showing an Activity as Dialog without Title & as an Activity too

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    I have an Activity (ExpandListActivity) which in one cas want to show as a Dialog and in other situation want to show as an Activity. The layout of ExpandListActivity has a TextView & ExpandList in a LinearLayout. When I show it as Dialog I want to remove the TitleBar & TextView from the layout, otherwise want both of them.
    I tried setting Theme of ExpandListActivity as Dialog in manifest file, but then am not able to set the theme back to normal when am showing it as an Activity.
    I removed Dialog Theme from manifest, and added requestWindowFeature (Window.FEATURE_NO_TITLE);, for the Dialog case, this gives me RuntimeException on this line. Added code to remove the TextView, but that also doesn't work.
    My code is as follows :
    ExpandListActivity is the Activity that I want to call as a Dialog &/or as an Activity :
    @Overridepublic void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { 
    Intent sender = getIntent();
    boolean fDialogMode = sender.getBooleanExtra("dialogMode", false);
    Log.i("ELA", "For Dialog : " + fDialogMode);
    // If in Dialog mode, 
    if (fDialogMode) {
    } else {
    //TextView tv = (TextView) findViewById(;
    if (fDialogMode) {
    } else {
    ViewGroup vg = (ViewGroup) findViewById(;
    //vg.setLayoutParams(new LayoutParams(LayoutParams.MATCH_PARENT, LayoutParams.MATCH_PARENT));
    ViewGroup.inflate(ExpandListActivity.this, R.layout.expand_list_layout, vg);
    //TextView tv = (TextView) vg.findViewById(;
    Activity from which I call it as an Activity :
    Intent intent1 = null;
    intent1 = new Intent(Mumbai77Activity.this, HelplineActivity.class);
    intent1.putExtra("dialogMode", false);
    intent1.putStringArrayListExtra("lines", lines);

    Activity from which I call it as a Dialog :

    Intent intent1 =new Intent(PincodesActivity.this, ExpandListActivity.class);
    intent1.putExtra("dialogMode", true);
    intent1.putStringArrayListExtra("lines", lines);

    Can anyone help me out with this problem. Am stuck from 2 days with this problem. Any help is highly appreciated. I am new in this forum, not used to posting code here, so maybe some code is not in proepr format.


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