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Problem switching between yahoo mail accountsSupport

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  1. johnstanza

    johnstanza New Member

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace with 2 yahoo email accounts that I have successfully set up.

    When the phone is showing one of the accounts I cannot change to the other one. I think I should be able to press the "Accounts" tab and then switch on the "Manage Accounts" page but it won't do so.

    Any advice appreciated.

  2. wrighttr6

    wrighttr6 New Member

    I have the Casio Commando and have the same issue. The only way around it is to either tap the other account box a zillion times, or take the battery out and re-boot. Wheeeeeeeeee!
  3. wrighttr6

    wrighttr6 New Member

    I found this on the Yahoo site. Worked for me first time.

    Many common issues with official Yahoo! apps on Android devices can be resolved with the following troubleshooting methods:
    Force stop and restart the app

    1. Press your device's Home button.
    2. Press your device's Menu button.
    3. Tap Settings.
    4. Tap Application Manager.
    5. Scroll to find the app you want to clean up, then tap the app icon.
    6. Tap Force Stop.
    7. Press your device's Home button.
    8. Tap the app icon on your device's Home screen to re-open the app.

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