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Problem with Linked Contacts when paired with Bluetooth in vehicleSupport

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  1. ChrisB1

    ChrisB1 New Member

    I have a problem with a Samsung Galaxy s2 that when I pair the phone via bluetooth in a vehicle all linked contacts show as multiple entries in the phonebook that is accessed in the cars console instead of being merged into one contact.

    Also some contacts don't appear at all.

    The contacts are synced from outlook through an exchange server.

    I am not sure if this is a problem with the phone or the bluetooth in the vehicle but I thought I would post the issue here in the hope that someone else has had a similar issue when pairing a samsung galaxy s2 via bluetooth in a vehicle.

    The vehicle is a Ford Ranger if that is important.

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

  2. alex01

    alex01 Well-Known Member

    believe i had a similar problem with bury hands free kit. this was due to the use of more than one phone book type. cured by using only one phonebook, i only use gmail now where i was previously the phone, sim and gmail to store contacts.
  3. ChrisB1

    ChrisB1 New Member

    Thanks for your reply, I suspect the bug is not related to the phone, more to do with how the phone book is displayed by the vehicle. Not much we can do about that I wouldn't think.
  4. SebaKL

    SebaKL Well-Known Member

    I have totally no knowledge on the topic, but two days ago I was pairing my
    S2 and iphone with my friend's new Volvo, and it had the same problem.
    The iphone pair without issue, because its phone book is very straight forward, but the S2 had the same issue as said above.

    So my guess is, that the car simply doesn't understand the "Merged" phone book trick. I don't believe Android physically combine the contacts into one, I believe it's still a separate entry, simply grouped temporary by software, on the device only, for your convenience.
    Once I took my time and organized them in my Google account, copy paste the e-mails and second or 3rd numbers under the same name, creating one, rich contact with all its info, it display them normally. Don't think there is any other phone that does it right now, so the car has no clue what merged contact is, it just reads the entry from the phone and display them. I wouldn't call it a bug, more like not very common android feature.
    The merged contacts are also problematic during transfer/migration from phone to phone. Right now Google is my contacts main Hub, while the phone is delivery tool that serves them. I keep them organized into single contact as soon as I see there is one ready to be merged. And they all work well across all kind of media.

  5. papanas

    papanas New Member

    I have the same problem on with my car and my galaxy S2 since it was replaced (I got a new one after breaking the glass).
    With the previous one (GT I9100G under ICS 4.0.3), I had the contacts with multiple phone numbers displayed as one contact with multilpe numbers. With the new one (GT I9100 under ICS 4.0.4), they appear as multiple contacts : same name but different phone number .

    I was wondering which change generated the problem. So, I have done a few tests with the other galaxy S2 around me...
    I tried with the following phones:
    - GT I9100 under 4.0.3 : it works fine
    - GT I9100G under 4.0.4 : it works fine also
    Thus it is not a car problem, or a GT I9100 problem, or a 4.0.4 problem... Contact list seems to have the same parameters set (from the ones I can see).

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