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  1. mumsawitch

    mumsawitch Member

    Is it normal for a Note to become hot (close to overheating 'hot') when the wifi's on, and also when you play games?

    When I turn my wifi on for a couple of minutes, my Note becomes hot. When I play games (the wifi's off) it becomes slightly hot too.

  2. rcheung28

    rcheung28 Well-Known Member

    my Note gets really hot when I'm playing games on it or surfing the web via 3G. But it almost never gets hot during normal wifi usage.
  3. mumsawitch

    mumsawitch Member

    Hmm.. Maybe there's something wrong with mine. Damn.

    Also, there was one time when I charged my Note and then it stopped charging because apparently, it overheated. It was *so* hot, mind you.
  4. irieone

    irieone Well-Known Member

    There is a app called ZDbox that will tell you how hot your running and if your in danger. I'm sure there is other app as well but this one is my fav. By the way my note never gets HOT, it will get a little warm but never hot ..
  5. McGilli

    McGilli Well-Known Member

    From past experience - this is a result of the charging method pumping too much juice into the battery. How are you charging the Note, and what are you using to charge it?

    USB from computer?

    Official wall charger?

    3rd party wall charger?
  6. mumsawitch

    mumsawitch Member

    Downloaded it and will try to monitor my phone. Thanks.

    I'm charging my Note using the original/official wall charger. Sometimes when I charge my Note, it not hot and sometimes it is.

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