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  1. ootherocoo

    ootherocoo Active Member

    Ok, so I picked up the mytouch 4G a week ago, and yesterday was the first time that I tried to use the headphones.

    The problem is that the controls (play, skip, previous) don't work once the screen goes off. For example, I'm on the train and I locked the phone and put it in my pocket, I then tried to skip to the next song, but none of the controls work....UNLESS the phone screen is on. Which defeats the purpose of having stereo headphone controls.

    Any help...?

  2. dasudevil

    dasudevil Well-Known Member

    on the actual device use your control volume on the side of the phone to well make the volume louder and softer. You can also skip the song by holding down one of the buttons. I think louder is skip forward and vice versa.

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