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  1. RisingMoon

    RisingMoon Well-Known Member

    Well, I must say I was quite excited when my Desire HD (Three Mobile) flashed up telling me there was an update available. I installed the update, which I know now is Gingerbread.

    Since last night I have discovered that my wireless network randomly drops out when I try to access the internet. I'm not far from my router and I have set the Wi-Fi sleep policy to 'Never'. Quite annoying since the main thing I do with my phone is transfer files from my PC to my handset.

    Is this a bug that is already being addressed or should I start writing strong worded letters?

    Also, my battery now refuses to charge past 90%. I've read about trickle charging and float chargers, so I let my phone die, try again to charge it to 100%, but still it doesn't go past 90%. This isn't an issue with charging the phone when it is already charged to 90% as I have just mentioned, I let the phone die.

    I've got to say I'm quite disappointed that a

  2. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    I know it's not great mate, but you're not the only one that is suffering these problems since the update

    There are a couple of threads on here about the WIFI issue since the update... even one where a guy ahs posted his conversation with HTC about this issue. HTC have said that it is not their fault and it is a Google issue... I think that they will have been told this and will be working on an update/patch to try fix it... it is actually something software related and couldn't have been found in the test area (aparently). I know this doesn't help you, but perhaps there's hope!

    There are a couple of workarounds, while this isn't great (shouldn't have to do something to help a phone work - should just work "out of the box"), at least it means you should be able to get it working again... set a static IP address for the phone (there is another tip, but can't remember it off the top of my head - will post it when I see it, but it is in here somewhere)!

    There is something called (off the top of my head again) "current widget" on the market that tells you when your battery is no longer accepting charge... if you install that, then you will be able to tell if there is a fault with your phone (not allowing the battery to charge fully) or if it is just an issue of the readout being incorrect.

    I am rooted and have seen that, when you change ROM's, you should always re-calibrate the battery, by charging fully (until it stops accepting charge) and then deleting the battery stats... this may be the issue with you (which is why I suggest what I have)... although it sounds like you have done an official update, it could be the same issue. I don't think you can delete the battery stats, but at least with current widget, you can tell if your phone is fully charged or not!

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  3. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    The other WIF fix I mentioned is to ensure that you turn off mobile data and only have WIFI on, this way it will stop trying to change from one to the other while you're connected (as the 3G connection starts if WIFI signal drops to below a certain threshold)
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  4. RisingMoon

    RisingMoon Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all of your help DURX. I don't believe I can wipe my battery stats as I (still) haven't rooted my handset. I've read that if I charge it to the max, unplug it and turn it off, plug it in again and charge it to max, turn it on, charge it for 1 hour, spin it 360 degrees on it's back, then the front, shake it ten times (I'm exaggerating the complexity of this task) etc... It will reset the battery stats. I'll have to give this a go when I have more time, sometime later today perhaps.

    As for the WIFI problem, I believe there is an app in the market (name escapes me) that allows me to set profiles on my phone depending on where I am. I could set it to automatically turn off mobile data when i'm in the vicinity of my wireless router. I suspect the issue may be due to the signal strength of the WIFI router in the phone or my homehub. My laptop has no problem within the radius that my phone has had issues, and turning on improved WIFI performance hasn't fixed the signal error either.

    "HTC have said that it is not their fault and it is a Google issue..." - Aren't these, in essence, the same?

    Also gingerbread has taken the functionality of the 'About' battery section to a bare minimum. I can no longer view what is eating my power, no percentage rates of battery charge... Not to keen on this update.

    Again thanks for your advice, I'll post later to let you know if I have any luck :)
  5. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    LOL - nearly wet myself... it is a little like that... don't forget the stroke the DHD 3 times and then tell it you love it, before praying to the gods of HTC!!

    I think you mean "Tasker" - you can get it off the market, but you can get it through the dev's website... he lets you have it as a trial version for 14 days (instead of 15 mins from the market) before you have to register it... I got it last night... well worth getting it for 14 days from his site, you can always get rid and then get it through the market if you prefer!

    HTC make the phone and Google make the software, but I understand what you mean... they should take some sort of accountability/take it up with Google themselves... not just tell us to moan to Google!

    You should be able to select "battery use" towards the top when you go in to "about phone"

    No worries mate!! :D
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  6. RisingMoon

    RisingMoon Well-Known Member

    Battery issue seems to be resolved. I completely drained the battery of all charge until I could no longer power it on, charged it to full whilst the phone was turned off and it has now charged to 100%. Interestingly, it has been on for 40 minutes and hasn't lost 1% power! It may be night time but the sun is shining! Oh and I didn't have to stroke it or anything :D

    EDIT: Well, all seemed well. My phone's stock battery metre reports that it is full, two separate widgets that i've downloaded tell me that my battery is at 90%. It has just dropped 3% in the space of 5 minutes, with only wifi enabled.
    Reported usage as follows,
    74% - Display
    8% - WIFI
    6% - Cell Standby
    5% - Phone idle,
    2% - Android OS
    2% - Android System

    3% - Apparently unaccounted for.

    Stock battery meter has caught up now, at least the phone is charging past 90%. Battery life will be monitored over next few days.
  7. berocksr

    berocksr Well-Known Member

    In simple terms what is rooting my handset?
  8. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Granting yourself super user access to your phone. Amongst other things, tt allows you to backup all apps and data, take screenshots of your device etc. Most importantly, install custom ROMs.
  9. RisingMoon

    RisingMoon Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm astounded! The battery life has taken a drastic turn for the better. It's been off charge since around 1am last night and has around 70% battery life left. I checked with overcharged and it had over 4000 mV on a full charge.

    The phone's battery icon in the taskbar at the top of the screen still doesn't accurately reflect the actual remaining life, but as long as there is no damage to the battery I don't mind. It's just a niggling annoyance. I wonder could I turn it off and just have a widget?

    As for the WIFI issues I was having, I've set my ip to static and it seems to have cleared up the connection issues. I'm a happy DHD owner again :)
  10. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    Aaaahhh!! That's what I like to hear... glad you're happy again and that all's been sorted!! :D
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  11. RisingMoon

    RisingMoon Well-Known Member

    Mate, I'm ecstatic. And my phone supports WIFI tethering with the stock ROM. As well as multi touch.

    I think the only thing I'd want to root for now is to get rid of amazonmp3, facebook, peep and twitter bloatware. Hopefully 3 will have a sudden realisation that these useless apps are, in fact, useless.
  12. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Those are included in the Stock HTC offering too chief.
  13. RisingMoon

    RisingMoon Well-Known Member

    In that case I owe 3 an apology for slating them. I wouldn't mind so much, but I don't use twitter, and the facebook app is poop compared to the browser facebook.
  14. berocksr

    berocksr Well-Known Member

    Ok do how do I root my phone hahahha.... Seriously and what are custom roms? Apps ?
  15. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    berocksr - if you see this thread, it explains what is involved in rooting

    It is worth noting that, at present, it is not 100% confirmed that it is possible to downgrade and then root certain builds of Gingerbread (2.3) - the firmware that runs the phone.

    Custom ROM's are custom versions of the firmware.

    Before you try rooting, let us know what version of the firmware you have on your phone (on the homescreen go "menu=>settings=>about phone" and list the info on there).

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