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  1. hyland

    hyland New Member

    Has anyone had problems with the proximity sensor on the Galaxy S? (Actually, from T-Mobile US, they call it the T959 Vibrant). I've had it only a few weeks, but I have a problem with about 20-30% of my calls.

    Dialing is OK, and the screen goes blank when I hold the phone up to my ear. But at the end of the conversation or when I need to pull the phone away to press a digit (e.g., press 3 to delete), the screen is blank, and stays blank. Pressing buttons doesn't help. The only thing that works is holding it up to my head and taking it away a few times before the proximity sensor recognizes that it's not next to my head any more.

    Is this a common problem? I imagine I should take it back to the store for a replacement, but wanted to see if others had seen this, or if there was a work-around.

    (A little background on me, I've been working on software for mobile phones for 15 years -- remember Unwired Planet,, and Openwave? That was me. And I've had an iPhone before, so I know how this thing should work. My G1 finally gave up the ghost and now I'm with a faulty Galaxy S.)

    Thanks for any input!

    == Tim

  2. kryzzay83

    kryzzay83 Well-Known Member

    It's not a common problem I don't think. I've thoroughly tested the proximity sensor on mine and it's fine.
  3. drduhonphd

    drduhonphd New Member

    The proximity sensor worked initially but now appears to be turned off. Any suggestions?
  4. 6spdtls

    6spdtls Member

    Yeah. I think I know what the problem is. If you use auto kill or task killer, it's disabling the proximity sensor by forcing it to close the software. Just uninstall the app, restart your phone and you'll be fine. The thing is I do not know which app controls proximity sensor. If this doesn't solve the problem, you need factory reset.
  5. Pnjunction

    Pnjunction Member

    You could try an app like Z-DeviceTest or Sensor Test to see if the problem is with the phone application specifically our the whole unit in general (could still be hardware or software/firmware?). Those apps will show the proximity sensor output so can see if it is behaving properly.
  6. scvade

    scvade New Member

    I've tried uninstalling the task killer and it looks like this may have solved the problem I've had that others have had with the sensory issues during calls. Thanks!
  7. narfzz

    narfzz New Member

    Is this a problem with all task killers? Do anyone know what process is the proximity sensor, maybe I can add it to the ignore list. I'm getting sick of constantly hanging up on people because my cheeks is pressing the end call button.

    I've also read on another thread that it dust could be on the sensor. I will try dusting it when I get home but the proximity test code says that it's working properly.

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