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Problems with sound on Asus TF201's internal speakerSupport

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  1. zzzorg

    zzzorg New Member

    Can anyone help me determine whether my TF201 has a problem with the sound? I suspect that one of the sound channels may not be wired up to the internal speaker, although both channels sound fine on headphones.

    When I listen to the built-in alarm sound "Cesium" through the headphones, it goes "bing bong bing", where the "bing" is in the left ear and the "bong" in the right. But through the internal speaker this sound just goes "... bong ..." - the "bing"s are missing. What do other people with this tablet hear when playing the Cesium sound through the speaker? I'm running Android 4.0.3.

    I also notice that the sound on Skype and on many YouTube videos is too quiet through the internal speaker. I wonder whether I'm only getting one of the channels.

    Can anyone think of other ways that I can test whether the internal speaker has a problem with the left audio channel? How could I determine whether it's a hardware or a software problem? Are there any apps that would help me test?

    Thank you!

  2. Nelviticus

    Nelviticus Well-Known Member

    The only place I can find to set a sound is under Settings/Device/Sound/Default notification, and I don't have 'Cesium' on the list of available sounds.
  3. sorceror

    sorceror Well-Known Member

    I used the 'Clock' app, and found the 'Cesium' alarm sound. I heard both the left and the right channels both via headphones and via the built-in speaker. There might be a problem with yours... you might load a song with strong left-right channel differentiation and see how it sounds in the internal speaker.
  4. Ramzes13

    Ramzes13 Well-Known Member

    You also should remember that this only has one speaker (therefore one physical channel) Asus tries to combine both channels via software but sometimes it just doesn't work well. As far as your cesium audio file, i cannot locate it either to try and replicate your problem.

    To test the audio output through the internal speaker, play a song that you know has music on individual channels like the opening sequence to Crazy Train or the song Quadraphonia (quadraphonic sound when played in stereo has distinct separation).
  5. sorceror

    sorceror Well-Known Member

    In the "Clock" application, I created a new alarm. In the options is "Ringtone", and one of the options is "Cesium". I presume that's what the OP was talking about. It definitely has a left-right-left pattern when listening with headphones.
  6. Ramzes13

    Ramzes13 Well-Known Member

    thanks, i am used to looking for items at the root level, I will look for that later, but i still feel that it has to do with how the audio file is being addressed by the single speaker.
  7. theandies

    theandies Well-Known Member

    There are two speakers in the Prime clearly seen in the photo below. They are the two oval components on the left. You may have a faulty speaker or a bad connection.
  8. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Well-Known Member

    Volume+ makes it super loud in playstore.
  9. theandies

    theandies Well-Known Member

    Not sure if it's still available but if you go directly to the Volume+ Dev's website you could download the apk for free - full version.
    Great app BTW!

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