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Push email broken since 2.3.5/Sense 3.0 updateSupport

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  1. JohnWP

    JohnWP Member

    Since my phone was updated to 2.3.5/3.0 push using the HTC email client syncing to an Exchange server (2010) is not work properly.

    Push email is received to the device without problem and email read and deleted on device is properly reflected on the Exchange server.

    However, email directly modified/deleted on the Exchange server is not always deleted from the device (the problem is intermittent), even after forcing a manual sync.

    All aspects of push email worked properly before the 2.3.5/3.0 update.

    (When the phone is set to manual synchronisation everything works without problem but of course that defeats the purpose of having push).

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

    PS: Since the update, I also have the "no power menu" problem. This may or may not be related.

  2. Lowey5

    Lowey5 Active Member


    You gotta restore to factory settings and reload your stuff back on, the software will then be clean and bug free.
  3. JohnWP

    JohnWP Member

    No, deleting and re-creating the Exchange account on the phone does not fix the problem.

    I have no intention of doing a factory reset.
  4. danfranmusic

    danfranmusic New Member

    I have the same issue, 1) power down setting not available. 2) Exchange server is asking for a password change, I have changed it and then try and sync it keeps asking for a password change again and again.
  5. JohnWP

    JohnWP Member

    This is NOT the same issue -- read the origianl post.
  6. JohnWP

    JohnWP Member

    This is NOT the same issue -- read the original post.
  7. FoX777

    FoX777 Well-Known Member


    But have you tried at least to clear the data and cache of the mail app? That should reset the app, but the only other way I can think of is to factory reset, but even then who knows if it will help.
  8. JohnWP

    JohnWP Member

    Imprecision and sloppiness wastes everybody's time. If you believe that an aversion to wasting time is grumpy then pity you. And, yes I have tried your suggestion and no, it does not solve the problem.
  9. carstenl

    carstenl Member


    I have the same problem as described by JohnWP, damn annoying. Also I experience "failed syncs" all the time, then sometimes it works, but most of the time i fails.

    I did a FULL restart after det update from HTC, and it hasn't helped...

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks - Carsten
  10. dmeireles

    dmeireles New Member


    I am too experiencing all the issues pointed out in this thread. The phone was working perfectly before the update. Typical solutions (factory reset, clear cache, bla bla bla) don't work. Anyone has any further ideas?
  11. dmeireles

    dmeireles New Member

    Right, on the chat with HTC support, and it seems that there is a blockage in what regards HTC assuming issues on their FW. It appears that they believe that everything can be sorted with a reset or sending the device to repair to be re-flashed. So, to sum it up, after the OTA update, these are the new "features":

    - Broken ActiveSync support
    It either fails to sync with conflicts, or goes into an eternal sync loop that forces you to reboot the phone

    - Missing power menu
    This seems to happen when you set a password for the credential storage. Don't know what the relation is, but removing that password restores the power menu (until it goes bad again later on)

    - Sluggish interface
    Why, oh why, did they put all this stupid and sluggish 3D animations and gave us no way to disable them!?

    - Instability
    I noticed as well 2 random reboots so far... Before the update, I did managed to get an update of almost 3 months.

    HTC, can you fix this please?

  12. aferende

    aferende New Member

    Same problem here with the 2.3.5. rooted version ...
  13. KarenN185

    KarenN185 New Member

    Hello all.

    I also downloaded the Android update on Sunday (18/12) Ever since then I have serious problems with my emails. I use Exchange and POP for my hotmail email.

    I use Exchange mainly for my appointments with clients and it works perfectly fine.

    My main problem is reading emails. I cannot read any emails, whether Exchange or hotmail. The only way I can access them is to access them from the widget and reply. Only then can I read the email.

    I called HTC about it on Monday. The response was polite but disappointing. I was taken down the usual route of force close, switch the phone off and on, take out the sim, factory reset (I have actually performed a factory reset seven times) nothing works. To make things worse I cannot roll back to the previous version. The second time I called HTC they wanted me to send the phone back so they can fix it. I refused this as there is nothing wrong with my phone. Everything else works perfectly fine. I just can't read emails in the usual way. I'm going to try and find out if Android themselves have a fix. If I find anything I will let you all know.
  14. rahayden

    rahayden New Member

    Similar problem with push Outlook email. Ever since this update emails deleted/moved via Outlook on a PC do not reliably disappear from my phone's Outlook inbox. Some do though. Also, a manual sync seems to fix a few of these emails, but even after that, some `ghost' deleted emails remain.

    It's utterly ridiculous that this isn't fixed yet... this is a crucial part of the phone's functionality, surely? Has it even been acknowledged yet by HTC?
  15. domymot

    domymot New Member

    I have the same problem and have tried HTC support. They requested me to configure my account with another Outlook Exchange 2010 32 bits! I don't have another account so couldn't do it. Since update to 2.3.5 my Exchange account hasn't changed so I don't understand why they don't accept to recognize that the problem is comming from the update
  16. B Bill M

    B Bill M Member

    I have exactly the problem reported at the start of this thread (JohnWP): Mail read on the server is not always shown as read on the Desire. Mail moved to a folder on the server is copied to the folder on the Desire but it sometimes remains in the Desire inbox as well.
    I've removed the account from the Desire, I've done manufacturer resets, I've updated to Exchange 2010 server (was 2007). Non of this has fixed the issue.
    Some others who have posed here have different problems (danfranmusic, KarenN185). I have the latest updates and do not have any of those other problems.
    HTC needs to sort this out, this problem was not there prior to the latest update, it makes Android a very annoying platform for those of us who rely on Exchange based email.
  17. JohnWP

    JohnWP Member

    Thank you to all who have replied to my initial question.

    It is in one sense gratifying to learn that I am not the only one with this problem.

    However, the fact that this is a widespread problem makes HTC's lack of acknowledgement or effective response all the more alarming.

    It seems to me that the only way forward is for those affected is to bombard HTC's Tech Support with requests, refuse to be fobbed off with stock evasions such as "do a hard reset", "it's one of the other apps" and "it must be a server side software problem" and then insist that the problem be escalated to the supervisor (and then to their supervisor etc.).

    It is completely unacceptable that HTC should release software that is in this (and many other) respects, broken, then pretend they are unaware of the problem and then seek to evade responsibility for fixing it.

    I shall certainty never buy another HTC device and I would strongly advise no one else to either.
  18. domymot

    domymot New Member

    It seems that my email is working again! Are you aware of any software update?

    Update: No sorry I was wrong. Still doesn't work!
  19. mikedroid7

    mikedroid7 Member

    PUSH doesn't seem to push as frequently as before - sometimes I have to go into the app to get it to pull the latest. Also, when deleting/moving mail on Outlook, doesn't update the inbox on the phone - that is the major drag. I have the phone set to only download last 3 days but even after re-syncing old emails still appear in the inbox.
  20. easterbrook

    easterbrook New Member

    My HTC Desire S phone upgraded to 2.3.5 this morning. Same problem then experienced as those on this thread - push mail no longer syncing.

    I deleted my email account and reinstalled it and I have to say it now appears to be working fine, touch wood.
  21. TiamaT82

    TiamaT82 New Member

    same problem here, after 2.3.5 update the default Mail app won't push mails as supposed to.
    i try the hard reset+format card....nothing
    i think is a problem with the Maill app since i configured the Gmail app with the same settings ( gmail exchange ) and works fine, it pushed well.
  22. dereklongsmith

    dereklongsmith New Member

    I also feel the problem is the HTC mail app

    I reported the issue to HTC over the phone on Monday and explained that I had cleared data, cache, settings, etc, deleted the account and then a few days later the client mail count sync started failing again.

    The guy John Homer was as helpful as he could be. He said they would need a test account so they could replicate the issue and get it logged and investigated as a bug.

    I'm unlikely to get a test account provided by my Exchange Admin at work which they can use.

    If anyone else can provide a test account, then please let me know here. The details should be emailed via the contact email link on the HTC website for the attention of John Homer.


  23. jdmmps

    jdmmps New Member

    Hi guys, long time reader first time poster. Just wanted to say love everyone work on these forums. You don't understand how many times I've referred to you guys for help.

    I too was experiencing the problem discussed (re emails not syncing) this is what i did and it seems to have fixed the problem with regards to my email syncing. Steps taken (please read all steps before executing):

    1. Delete all Microsoft email exchange accounts within the email app. I had a few so had to delete one at a time. Make sure you write down your email settings somewhere (server details, Domain, password etc if you dont know these off by heart) as you will be required to re-enter these later on.

    2. Disable "fast boot" found under the power settings

    3. Go to applications -> all apps -> Mail -> Clear Data

    4. Shut down phone.

    5. Go to mail app and reinstall all email accounts

    6. Select push on mail setup

    7. Finish Setup (phone should start to pull all your emails)

    I wish everyone luck. This worked for me and I have been testing it for the last few hours and its been working as before.
  24. dereklongsmith

    dereklongsmith New Member

    Hi jdmmps

    How long has it been since you tried this?

    Is it still behaving?

    I got about 24 hours of it working properly before it started going wrong again.

    It would be great if you could provide an update in a day or two to let us know if this really solved it.


  25. locomite

    locomite Member

    I also tried this fix and it worked for the rest of the day but the following day it was back to its usual problematic state.

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