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quadrant scores out the box...General

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    SUPERGALAXYS Well-Known Member

    quadrant benchmark scores arent bad.. im getting almost 1900 untouched out the box :) and im getting about 6-7mpbs download speeds tethering with easy tether on my home pc which is pretty descent ... considering my galaxy is rooted and lag fixed and hitting in the 5mpbs tethering ..

  2. Arcadia

    Arcadia Well-Known Member

    Yeah this phone is very fast. People hate on it saying that mySense bogs it down, yeah right!

    SUPERGALAXYS Well-Known Member

    yeah there not bad..ive installed system panel app from the market and the cpu seems to average in the 800 mhzs so im sure once the phones get rooted and get the set cpu app and take full advantage of the processor it will be really quick..
  4. dasudevil

    dasudevil Well-Known Member

    i just got 1831 with some apps installed and 4 days of play. Not bad if you ask me.

    SUPERGALAXYS Well-Known Member

    yeah i think this is there fastest phone out the box right now.. the vibrant will hit in the 900's but also on 2.1 so not sure what it will do with 2.2 .. the g2 hits like 1500-1600 out the box so..not bad.
  6. wuzzy

    wuzzy Member

    Got 1902.

    SUPERGALAXYS Well-Known Member

    hit 2002.. thats with having root access and installing setcpu app, and then set scaling to performance.. best ive gotten so far.. and thats with livewallpaper running and bunch of apps now downloaded :)

  8. dasudevil

    dasudevil Well-Known Member

    super.. you suck... Nice score. Will take a while for another machine to catch us. :p

    What have you OC'd it too?

    SUPERGALAXYS Well-Known Member

    no.. just used set cpu app then moved the slider over to max.. i guess the processor is a little more then 1000 ?? not ovcerclocked tho.. i know with the vibrant when i use this app it only goes to 1000 even so im not sure why this goes a little higher then 1000...
  10. dasudevil

    dasudevil Well-Known Member

    well soo glad im rooted. Looks like im going to download another root only app. :p


    SUPERGALAXYS Well-Known Member

    system panel app is good too.. but dont need root access for it. it will show you what your processor is clocking. before setcpu it was clocking like 800's..

    SUPERGALAXYS Well-Known Member

    ok.. 2008 is best i can get lol!

  13. pantlesspenguin

    pantlesspenguin Well-Known Member

    So, I'm pretty new to Android. I bought a Vibrant in July when it first came out, & got the MT4G on launch day as well. I've never rooted & I'm kind of nervous to do so. But, I think the benefits may outweigh the risks. Can anyone give me a "rooting for dummies" tutorial?

    SUPERGALAXYS Well-Known Member

    rooting allows superuser permission.. some apps in the marketplace require it.. only way to get this.. is root! it basically allows you to download and install pretty much anything to the phone were as is if its not rooted you are limited to what your able to do.. mainly system apps, things that will change or effect the way your phone operates.. etc. for example try to download setcpu in the market, it will tell you for root users only, if you download it and try to run it, it will say the program was not granted superuser permission..theres a app for the vibrant called OCLF.. its in the market, it will allow you to root and install the lag fix very easily to your phone, then you can install a wifi tether app cause they usually require root.. my vibrant runs a quadrant score of around 2500ish.. its rooted, lag fixed and overclocked to run at 1.2Ghz..

    SUPERGALAXYS Well-Known Member

    2035..im done now until it can be overclocked..lol!

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