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  1. Poitings

    Poitings Member

    I'm picking my Note 10.1 up on Monday and want to order a micro SD card from Amazon. I have decided to get a 64 gig one so I don't have to keep swapping around (even though 32 gig ones are very cheap now, as low as

  2. InfernalByte

    InfernalByte Well-Known Member

    Class 10 is the highest transfer speed available. Like most things in computing, the higher the number the better.
  3. JohnB47

    JohnB47 Well-Known Member

    You need to be aware that some users experience problems with 64gb cards, while others have no problem. Try searching this site for past posts about this. Hopefully you will be ok. Where are you buying - UK, Europe or USA? It might matter as regards 64gb working. Let us know how you get on with it.
  4. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    32gb I can recommend Samsung class 10.

    I have a SanDisk UHS 64GB formatted to FAT32 working great too.

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