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  1. mosabi

    mosabi Active Member

    According to the HTC website it says a Micro USB cable included. This is fine and dandy but today I asked a buddy if I could borrow his Micro USB cable to charge my phone and it wouldn't fit, he's got an HTC Hero thru sprint. Looking side to side at our phone charging ports they are definitely different. Why does the Incredible have a proprietary connection other than your typical micro usb?

    Thanks for any insight. Oh, where is the best place online to order cables and/or vehicle charging cables?


  2. anabsa

    anabsa Well-Known Member

    The older phone might be a MINI USB. The Incredible is indeed a Micro USB. THe Incredible has fit 2 ports into 1. The MicroUSB is the small tab at the front of the port, and just behind that is the TV-Out connector. I have yet to find a Micro USB connector that does not work with this phone. I have been too cheap to get the TV-Out cable as I don't have any need for it.

    Hope this helps you
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  3. Haelous

    Haelous Well-Known Member

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  4. mosabi

    mosabi Active Member

    Your both correct. Thank you for the prompt replies. I was just dumbfounded I guess. I didn't realize there was a different between mini and micro usb. I appreciate the help.
  5. elwray

    elwray Well-Known Member

    Didn't realize there was a TV out option on this phone :eek: But looking at the USB port now, it IS funky looking... that explains it!
  6. anabsa

    anabsa Well-Known Member

    I was too lazy to look up the specifications, but its the only reason I could see the cable not fitting or working (unless the Micro USB part breaks off, which I hope never happens to anyone).

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