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Questions About Features

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  1. certifiedfryguy

    certifiedfryguy Active Member

    I have a few questions about some features that sold me on purchasing the EVO but i cant quite seem to either figure out how to utilize it or haven't found a simple way TO utilize it.

    1: Front facing Camera- I really cant believe that the only way to switch from the rear camera to the front camera is to hit camera>menu>settings>switch camera.

    Most of the time i'm using one hand for the camera and my fingers aren't long enough to hit all the buttons correctly. Is there a free camera app that has a on screen button to switch cameras? Similar to the iphone4?

    2: Video Calling- Ive tried searching, but so far i've came up short. Theres many programs for PC's that allow video calling but i cant seem to find one that easily allows me to video call a friend either on another evo, or or on a PC. Any suggestions?

    3: 4G/3G/Wi-Fi - This is more of a rant. I think it's ******ed to have such a powerhouse of a phone and have to worry about switching off 4g/wi-fi when your not using it to "conserve" battery life. Forget to turn them off and your phone is dead in 3 hours.

    4: Youtube - Most videos I try to watch are not available on youtube Mobile. WTF? Why Not? I'm paying almost as much for internet on my smartphone as i am for my house. Why cant i access the same content?

    This is my 3rd full day with the Evo and the phone is awesome. So any help with these nuisances is greatly appreciated.


    THEFORCE Well-Known Member

    i can answer #2....use fring it allows u to use skype
    check out some of the battery saving threads, it will really improve your battery life
  3. dylan88

    dylan88 Well-Known Member

    1. thats the only way i believe. not too big of a deal to me.
    2. fring or qik both work
    3. 4G should only be used when you realy need it. only turn it on when you are going to be webbrowsing or watching videos. wifi actualy uses less battery becuase the phone does not need to keep searching for a tower. and seriously? there are already widgets on the phone that turn off wifi/4G with a single tap.
    4. try using the android youtube app. i havent had any problems of not being able to watch videos
  4. sagedil

    sagedil Well-Known Member

    The unavailable on mobile.is new. Pissed off my wife.
  5. deeanne59

    deeanne59 Member

    I have used both the YouTube app and YouTube through the web browser on my Evo, both tell me videos are not available through mobile...even though these are in my YouTube play list!
  6. certifiedfryguy

    certifiedfryguy Active Member

    Thanks i'm trying Fring now. If anyone has any suggestions for apps for the front facing camera i would like to hear them. Even if it's just a widget that opens the camera by default to the front one.

    And I know about the widgets to turn off wi-fi and 4g. 70% of my phone usage as an entertainment device is for killing time. 3 or 4 times already i had to stick the phone in my back pocket or set it down quickly forgetting to turnoff wi-fi. It's one of those things i have to get used to remembering but it's definitely a legitimate complaint.
  7. certifiedfryguy

    certifiedfryguy Active Member

    Has anyone been able to make a video call between an Evo and Iphone4 using fring or any other app?
  8. jadoe05

    jadoe05 Well-Known Member

    Front facing camera app is called mirror 4 evo. You should be able to find it in the market.

    HTC EVO FTW!!!!
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