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  1. Artfuldead

    Artfuldead New Member

    I've been using the camera on my continuum because its suppose to record in 720p, so I decided to start making some youtube videos, well when I plug my phone into my pc to transfer the files and upload to youtube the video quality is at 480p. So what did I do wrong, I look at the video size in the phone and its somewhere around 1gb to 2gb per video but when I transfer they're only say 600mb or so, does the phone do an auto conversion of some sort and lower the video? Do I need to do something to have it transfer the full hd video?

  2. socialgarbage

    socialgarbage Member

    Have you gone into the settings menu for the video camera and set it for 720p?

    I had the same issue, and doing this solved the issue for me.

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