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Quick app to do sms saving

  1. androidguy9

    androidguy9 New Member

    Need some help willing to pay some small amount of money.

    Here is the app requirement

    1. Should be able to save incoming SMS as well as outgoing- as it arrives or as it is sent. I want it to be saved into a text file- though some encryption would be helpful. (Bonus also if calls would be saved as well.)

    2. My cellphone is very rarely connected through wifi (but never through telco network)- there must be some way to retrieve it to my computer.

    3. it should be on when the cellphone is on. And it should be conspicuous ie no icons etc

    4. I am using a galaxy Y and I believe that it can be rooted. I would need the source code and the person contracted would tell me how to compile or how to make it work in my cell.

    I would only be able to pay through paypal.


  2. bssunil

    bssunil Member

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