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  1. ShelaghDB

    ShelaghDB Active Member

    I had a fairly brand new, by the looks of it, Samsung S3 left at my place almost 3 weeks ago and finally I have given up realizing no one is coming back for it, whoever it may belong to.
    So I have tried getting into it to see who may own it but its password protected so i am unable to do even that.

    I read online that if I pressed the button on the left, at the same time as the power button on the right along with the button on the front bottom of the phone it would go into recovery mode and take it back to factory settings.

    In this case nothing happens but the phone either turns off or turns back on.
    I am presently trying to see if i can find someone in Canada, in the city that I live with whom I could pay to do all of this for me, I would but so far I don't so I am on my own ;-

    Im n looking to root it but just get it up and running so I can see what it is and what I have.

    When i used iPhones, there was a small program called Tiny Umbrella enabled you to save your SSHH blobs for jail breaking, but it also enabled you to bring our phone out of recovery mode or put it into it.

    Is there not some similar program with Androids that can do the same?

    I cant take it any further I assume, since I haven't any idea of the phone model, its firmware, right?

    IF there is another thread somewhere that I can be pointed towards that might help, feel free but I haven't seen one


  2. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    If i remember right its volume (at the left) up, and power button (at the right)
  3. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Take the sim out to see what carrier it is, then ring them with the sim number and they can probably identify the owner
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  4. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Agreed. Get it back to its rightful owner. Chances are its been reported lost/stolen and you wont be able to use it anyway

    But to answer the question, recovery move is volume up, power, and home
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  5. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    Oops forgot about Home.
    Agree'd though. Try a bit harder to get it back to the owner. theyl end up IMEI locking it anyway
  6. sherlock5545

    sherlock5545 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, as said above. Also, even if you managed to factory reset by accessing the recovery, doing so deletes everything, so you wouldn't be able to find anything about the original owner.
  7. ShelaghDB

    ShelaghDB Active Member

    there isn't a sim card inside.............i did think of that ;-(

    my feeling is that i have a lot of moneyed people that come in and its likely insured and they didnt want it found and got paid out ( hence, no sim card-theres a reason it wasnt in there )

    ive tried to get into recovering countless times......i have watched a video and timed it just as the video showed but it still does not do it for me..........thats why I was hoping that there might be a program that does it like Tiny Umbrella?
  8. ShelaghDB

    ShelaghDB Active Member

    BTW, just for info sake, someone found a phone of mine about 9 years ago ad turned it into the company it was under.
    I was never called, but began to track it down from the other end, tracing it as far as someone picking it up and turning it in........long story short, the person it was turned into kept it and wasn't too bright for we were able to track it down going over the recent call list........i got it back in the end as he didnt even try to hide it
  9. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    What? So you're saying they lost it on purpose to get money?

    Anyway there's an imei to trace it....

    I'm skeptical about all this so I'm leaving this thread now.

    Good luck
  10. ShelaghDB

    ShelaghDB Active Member

    BTW its not true about phones being reported and useless once the IMEI number has been reported.
    Its possible it might not work on the same company it came from, although I bet it still would be but if someone unlocks a phone they can go anywhere with it.

    Phone companies, Samsung, Apple, etc aren't in the policing business.
    It opens them up to too many potential law suits.

    I lost a brand new iPhone not too long ago and didn't bother to report the number for I knew within 24 hours IF that, someone would be using it either under my company or unlocked under another.
  11. ShelaghDB

    ShelaghDB Active Member

    Knowing full well how peculiar it sounds, I would not have bothered to post it if I was concerned with someone being suspicious.

    People do all sorts of odd things.
    I am old enough not to bother questioning they whys and why for's any more

    in any event I have located a store here near me that will work on it tomorrow and both take it into recovery mode since i cant seem to get it in............and if it all works properly, depending on what company it might be with, either leave it as is or unlock it so i can take it to a preferred carrier.

    I was just hoping that there was a program out there similar to Tiny Umbrella in order to save time tomorrow and $20 or so, although the money is not an issue but the time is.

    BTW, I already have a Samsung Note 2 as well as the Samsung Note SGH-i717D and just sold my older iPhone.
    I dont need a 3rd phone, especially one that is supposed to be a great phone but not, in my opinion, as good as the Notes........since i assume you believe I somehow stole this phone ;-)
  12. sherlock5545

    sherlock5545 Well-Known Member

    If it's IMEI blacklisted, it won't work work on any network that shares the same database. In the UK all of them, or almost, share the same database, so the phone becomes useless here. You can use it abroad, though.
  13. ShelaghDB

    ShelaghDB Active Member

    That may be the case in the UK and I think but am not sure that the US is the same, but where I am, it apparently isn't............I only know this from having read a long thread recently about this very issue in a Canadian cell phone forum that has a good name and following, hence, its believable and therefore apparently accurate.

    Its the same with laptops here. I have seen many complain in other forums that they have lost a laptop, etc etc and why doesn't Apple Samsung, etc, block via serial numbers and so on.....

    anyhow, there was more about it in the thread but i don't need to go into full detail here...it was enough for me to know that when my iphone was stolen, or lost, depending on how you look at it......i didn't even bother to report it but just went out the next day and bought a new one

    Over here, second hand cells are a huge commodity. People buy online all the time. IF they were being blocked due to IMEI numbers, no one would be b buying for you would never know if you were buying a stolen one or not.

    Perhaps it will become an issue one day but as of now its not. But i cant tell you but I read it had a lot to do with legal issues or at least that was what people had surmised.

    I am a legal assistant and should look into it but its never really been something i have been interested in but read complaints about people having their phone stolen all the time and how it will be sold within 24 hours, etc, etc, etc
  14. DonB

    DonB ♡ Spidey Sense !! ♡ ™ Moderator

    Bottom line you should give it back, since you live in TO you don't have that many carriers there, simply call the few you have and give them then the IMEI numbers and have them contact the owner and have the owner call you back for their phone.

    Now if you]re going to talk about doing something illegal with the phone then we won]t allow that talk here any further. Like I said it is easy enough to find out the carrier and the owner if you really wanted to do so. If this thread goes in a different direction I will have no choice but close it. So I am leaving it up to the OP to do the right thing, cheers.
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  15. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    No, I don't think you stole it. People who steal phones post threads saying "I forgot my PIN, How do I reset it?".

    ...I think it was left, as you say. I just think theres more that could be done to find the owner is all.
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  16. GTWalling

    GTWalling Well-Known Member

    Here in the States T-Mobile and AT&T have started sharing IMEI blacklist as they are the only 2 main GSM providers. If an insurance claim is filed in the States either the insurance co. or the provider blocks the IMEI number.
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  17. ShelaghDB

    ShelaghDB Active Member

    I do think its likely a matter of time before that is the case here as well but as of now it isn't. I think it would be a good idea for there seems to be quite a few robberies of people with cell phones, especially teens I have heard and that would very likely put an end to that situation.

    As to the 1-2 persons who suggested I do more than I did to find the owner, well, I don't know you guys I don't know where you are from, if you are from small towns, or the big cities, but I am from a city and I have learned that it rarely pays to be honest and return items you have found.

    10 years ago I found a wallet with ID and credit cards in it. I was able to track the person to parents home and from there was given their work number.
    Arranged to meet them at a bank in the middle of our two locations and as soon as I got to the bank I handed her her wallet and said my good byes. I was not asking for a reward nor would I have accepted one so we just quickly spoke and i turned around to leave.
    As I walked away, I suddenly heard someone call my name and a photographer snapped my photo.
    I turned around and was livid. By this point they were getting into a car and driving away so I called her back up at work and asked why on earth she would be so rude to have done t hat after i went out of my way to return a wallet i didn't have to return. I was told that there was money missing from the wallet and IF any of the credit cards had been used, they would have to see if I were involved.
    At which point I told her thank you for ensuring that i would NEVER again return an item I found for someone.

    3 years ago I did find a brand new $3,500 bike that was left on my lawn one night unlocked, brand new.
    I went online onto all of the bike forums and asked if anyone were missing a white bike without giving away the brand or model lest everyone and anyone attempt to claim it.
    I tried for 3 months to find the owner to no avail. Week after week I posted new posts and had many write to me thanking me for trying to find the person, against my better judgment after that previous time.
    Nothing, 3 months went by and didn't even come close to ever finding the person but one day out of frustration at not finding them I gave a tiny bit more information out but unknowingly that enabled someone to guess correctly where the bike store was that had originally sold the bike.
    I then received an email from a store employee who suggested that I give him the serial number of the bike so as he could trace it to the owner.
    Long story short, I refused to do so as I knew that would tell them exactly what bike it was, model, year, etc at which point anyone could crawl out of the woodwork and claim it as theirs.
    2 days later I got an email asking me if it were a particular bike and they had hit the nail on the head.
    I was able to prove, quite easily as they did not cover their tracks, that it was the supposed "store employees" best friend who was now emailing me lying about it being his bike.

    So sure, I could have turned it into the store but the chances of it having landed back in the original buyers hands were very slim.

    BTW, I had a phone that I left in my bank a few years ago and someone turned it into the phone company that was downstairs where i had in fact bought the phone from. It was just a pay as you go and was turned off for several days but then I found it on twice but no one picked it up when I dialled i.
    I phoned the company and surprisingly they were able to give me 3 or 4 numbers that had been dialled on the phone since I lost it and I chose one that had been dialled the most and got a woman, someones mother who told me it was her sons number I had dialled.
    Long story short, one of the employees in the phone store took my phone and kept it for himself instead of returning it to me. I told his mother that that phone was mine and I would be calling the police unless my phone was returned back to me. That next night he called me and was very worried I would call the police, but gace me some half assed story about how he was going to turn the phone into the "main" offices that week but had just been using it in the meantime....LOL....yeah right.....anyhow, I got my phone back and he kept his job but hopefully thinks twice about doing that the next time.

    So please don't suggest that everyone should go out of their way to return a phone they have found, or any other article for as you can see just from the 3 stories I have offered, it has always been far more trouble than its been worth and I wont ever bother to try again. Perhaps in a small town it might be easier to do so but in the city its just not worth putting yourself in such situations.
    Theres a good reason many people keep out of others peoples business and in my younger days i used to believe one MUST get involved and do the right thing but as I have aged and seen life, I am far less inclined to believe that way of thinking any more.

    In any event I was able to get the phone working some time ago.

    Thanks to the ones willing to help....
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  18. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    Shelagh that was a really good read, thanks. And i totally understand what you mean. Idealism is fine but we dont live in utopia here :beer:
  19. GTWalling

    GTWalling Well-Known Member

    Also a thought, if you pull the battery and power on, it should show the original carrier in the boot animation while it is booting up. Just a thought.

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