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Red Flag Theme

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  1. Aplus

    Aplus Well-Known Member

    I haven't been around for a while, been dealing with some personal matters, but I have been working on a couple things off and on. Here is a new theme I put together. It is a work in progress and any and all feedback is welcome (how soon I will be able to apply any updates remains to be seen.)

    Standard Disclaimer:
    I am not responsible for what you do to your phone blah, blah, blah...

    Should work with any stock based ROM but does use GingerSteem base framework.

    Applying theme:
    1) Download file
    2) Place theme file on the root of sd card
    3) Boot into recovery
    4) Create a nand backup (just in case)
    5) Wipe cache and Dalvik
    6) Choose 'install zip from sdcard'
    7) Find the theme file, select it, and confirm installation
    8) Reboot and enjoy!
    9) Return to this thread and post your comments, criticisms, bugs, glitches, weird shit, or whatever
    10) Hold your breath until I respond to your post

    Theme includes custom framework-res, RES-Cappuccino, SystemUI, and font. As I said this is a wip and I will be updating when I get the chance.

    Credit and Thanks:
    PlayfulGod (for way too much to write. Great dev, great person, great inspiration. Donations to this man are highly encouraged!
    mtmichaelson (for all he has done for this community including, but not limited to, GingerSteem, Blitzkrieg Kernel, time, and effort. Again, Donations are encouraged.
    ShinySide and Nuttmeg (some of the best Guides that make this a great community)
    All other devs and themers (I have seen some great work and a lot of inspiration)
    All members of these forums who help each other out, share knowledge, and make this a great place!

    And now, without further ado:

    Let's start with some screenshots


    Red Flag Theme
    brought to you by: AplusGFX

  2. Aplus

    Aplus Well-Known Member

    Reserved for (possible) future updates :p
  3. synergy7

    synergy7 Well-Known Member

    good job man. I'm working on my own theme also. keep at it!
    Aplus likes this.
  4. mrpnut

    mrpnut THE WORLD IS YOURS VIP Member

    nice good job bro!!!!!!!!
    Aplus likes this.
  5. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    me likes!!!
    Aplus likes this.
  6. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    Nice work as always!

    Ps Was wondering where you been. Hope all is well!
    Aplus likes this.
  7. Aplus

    Aplus Well-Known Member

    I'm okay but I just lost my mother a little over a year ago and my father has cancer and is slowly slipping away so I've been taking care of him. Not to mention my own family, with a 1 year old daughter and 3 boys it's hard to find time to breath let alone do any theming (or anything else for that matter) but I will be trying to finish this theme asap. I know some things are missing and I hope to do a couple other themes as well. Just wanted to get something out to let people know I'm still around lol.
  8. mike28

    mike28 Well-Known Member

    Hope things better with the family
    Aplus likes this.
  9. 530corona

    530corona Member

    Awesome love it!!!!
    Aplus likes this.
  10. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    loving it, and it goes with my double shield case. :D
    Aplus likes this.
  11. intrdrgn

    intrdrgn Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear about your current situation, i know its not easy. our Prayers go out to you & your family.

    PS. Thanx for the theme...
    Aplus, wayne137 and nuttmeg like this.
  12. danyvw

    danyvw Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry for your situation Aplus, hope everything get better for you and your family. Sometimes life is not fair but the only thing we can do is pray and continue living with faith, hope and hard working for a better future. Good luck my friend.
    Aplus and nuttmeg like this.
  13. thecdn

    thecdn Well-Known Member

    I followed the install instructions exactly, twice, and I get the icons on the status bar, some of the menus, but not the wallpapers - can't find it anywhere, or the phone/other icons on your screenshot.

    Is that adw you are using? Would it make a difference if I'm using Go?
  14. revogozoom

    revogozoom Well-Known Member

    Nice job on this theme. Im not a fan of red but this theme looks great nonetheless.
    Aplus likes this.
  15. Pappy62

    Pappy62 Well-Known Member

    "I'm okay but I just lost my mother a little over a year ago and my father has cancer and is slowly slipping away..."

    I'm in the same boat, so I feel your pain bro... God bless you and your family, and know that you and Dad are in our prayers.
    This forum wouldn't be the same without you...
    Aplus likes this.
  16. synergy7

    synergy7 Well-Known Member

    yup. my mom dies from cancer and my dad is going through heart failure. its rough but we will come out stronger . i myself am working on an orange black theme. any tips or resources woukd be much appreciated.
  17. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    Prayers for both of you all family. :)
    Pappy62 likes this.
  18. Nuknfutz

    Nuknfutz Well-Known Member

    nice theme bro. looks great. and most importantly thoughts and prayers to u and your loved ones
    Aplus likes this.
  19. Aplus

    Aplus Well-Known Member

    First off, thank you all for the well wishes. Didn't mean for this thread to get off topic.
    To thecdn, yes I'm using ADW but it doesn't matter which launcher you use. I will put up some nice matching wallpapers later tonight when I get to my comp.

    Here is the wall I'm using in the screenshots.
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  20. Aplus

    Aplus Well-Known Member

    PM me anytime.
    synergy7 likes this.
  21. mrpnut

    mrpnut THE WORLD IS YOURS VIP Member

    my prayers go out to u and ur family just gotta b tough and keep it head up bro
    Aplus likes this.
  22. budde2

    budde2 Well-Known Member

    Great them love how it looks bad a**
    Aplus likes this.
  23. mk_ultra19

    mk_ultra19 Well-Known Member

    Very nice work Aplus! Thanks for putting this out despite all that you are going through!!

    Prayers for you and your family!! :)
    Aplus likes this.
  24. baysiderider

    baysiderider Well-Known Member

    Can we use this theme on a stock esteem with only root and kernel no rom and nothing changed in any way
  25. Aplus

    Aplus Well-Known Member

    Should be fine. You just won't have the power menu options. If you have any problems let me know and I'll look into it.

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