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  1. Boredfatman

    Boredfatman Active Member

    Hi all,

    Well i got a refurbished galaxy tab 10.1 this week, and it is truly excellent.

    I have previously owned an iPad, and whilst there is no denying that it is a brilliant device, this thing blows it out of the water!

    The screen is great and the home screens really do make such a difference.

    Im hoping that the reason that it was refurbished was because of the oil slick and therefore I wont get that problem!!!

    Just a couple of quick questions;

    1) if i enter a load of calendar appointments on my PC using either windows mail calendar or the online google one, will these automatically sync to my device?

    2) Is there any way of having an itunes port on the tab? (simply because this is what i have always used for my music, but no big deal)

    3) Is there a way of opening .odt documents on the galaxy tab?

    Thanks guys,


  2. Boredfatman

    Boredfatman Active Member

    surely someone must have some suggestions for me?

  3. silvc

    silvc Member

    1. I use google calendar and on my tab all appointments are synchronized.

    2. don't know

    3. for odt file you can use OpenOffice Document Reader

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