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Remote Monitor a Solar PV Array

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  1. frankdownunder

    frankdownunder New Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 12, 2012
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    I have a solar PV array which I want to monitor. The only problem is its a four hour drive from home.

    So my funky idea is to use a phone stuck on the front of the inverter with velcro to take a picture once a day and email it to me. That way I can see if there is a problem and get someone to fix it. I had some success with Tasker - I got ity to periodically take a photo. But the photo is bigger than it needs to be and to keep costs down i want to compress it to jpeg quality 1.

    So I did a crash course in Android programming and I now have an App that has a button on it - click the button, it takes a photo, compresses it, turns it to black and white, and stores it in the Pictures folder with a standard name.

    From Tasker I can load the App, that works, but I can not see a way to simulate the click of that button. I also tried without success to use Send Intent
    I can change the code to my hearts content if that helps. Or someone can point me at a better way.

    I suspect I need to use the "data" field in Load App but I dont know a way forwards on that one. Ideally Id like to be able to "pass parameters" like the amount of compression required , whether to do black and white and so on.

    Its a pity Android doesnt have a concept similar to a command line EXE that does a particular job and thats all.

    My profile if I get it working would I think be useful for other things like monitoring a garden or a flower opening or even site security.

  2. JoshuaJones

    JoshuaJones New Member

    Nov 4, 2012
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    Have you tried using the dpad? You can highlight and press buttons by sending dpad commands in task>input>dpad. You'll just have to figure out which directional key(s) highlights your button then send the "press" command.
    Hope that made sense

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