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Resetting my android to factory settings?Support

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  1. 74H3iD

    74H3iD New Member

    Okay so I have a few questions, please answer them all if you can. Firstly, I have a Samsung galaxy Y rooted.

    Now, I want to reset my phone but I want to keep it rooted is that possible?

    Also I know that there are two ways to reset. One is from a setting option that says reset phone to factory settings and the other is to turn your phone on by holding the home button and the power and the volume up buttons at one go. Then choosing the option to reset it there. Is there any differencein the way the phone is rested??

    Lastly my phone is unlocked so I can use any sim card. Will the phone be locked again if I choose to reset the phone?

    That's all thanks!

  2. vonchi182

    vonchi182 Well-Known Member

    1. hard reset wont unroot ur phone.
    2. the two ways of hard reset will just give u the same result.
    3. hard reset wont locked your unlock phone.

  3. nurcahyo

    nurcahyo New Member

    how tio restore it to the factory setting..
    i already used ics + cwm, now i want to restore to d factory set/original..

    ive already use 2 ways u mention but its only restore data, not the setting. help please..

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