Rezound vs Sensation xe

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  1. lollixo

    lollixo New Member

    hi I have a sensation xe the sound on the speaker is too low, below average. do have rezound the same issues or is it better?

    are there some other problems on rezound that sensation xe doesn't have?

    or if you post some comparision with other device.

    thanks a lot!

    EDIT: sorry I see that in forum there is a section named "phone comparition". if is this wrong place to post my topic, i'm sorry

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Not a problem lollixo. I'll move this thread over there for you. Welcome to Android Forums. The majority of the users in the Rezound area know the Rez well but might not be so familiar with your Sensation XE. For comparisons.. it's best to have both sides. I will say that some have had low volume problems with their Rezounds while others haven't. After using the Rez for over a year, I have no complaints. I came from a HTC Incredible. That's my only Android phone I can offer up in comparison.
    It out classes the Incredible in ever respect. Have fun and I hope someone familiar with both phones can offer you a fair comparison.
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  3. lollixo

    lollixo New Member

    Thank you. Anyone else can tell me his opinion? I'd really appreciate!

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