ringtones and music folders?

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  1. ulao

    ulao Well-Known Member

    Ok so I like to use mp3 songs for my ringtones. I also like to keep a good list of mp3's on my phone.

    Problem: If I use any audio player it will not find music unless the music is in the music folder. There are no options to add music from my ringtones folder.

    also... In order to add an mp3 as a ring tone I must have it in the ringtone directory.

    So without doubling my mp3's I'm sol. Any ideas?

  2. neil154

    neil154 Well-Known Member

    Don't know what app you are using but Rocket Player will find your MP3s any place, I have mine on my external SD card
  3. Ih8apple

    Ih8apple Active Member

    I have google play, and power amp. The problem sends to be that the card gets corrupted. It easily found the first 10 albums or so I voted over there, but then ask the rest just vanished. They aren't win on the card anymore. I've formatted it, still nada.

    It is a generic card I got on eBay for 16 bucks, maybe that's the problem.
  4. JessicaMs

    JessicaMs Guest

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  5. ulao

    ulao Well-Known Member

    So far all apps for playing songs do this, I have yet to try Rocket Player. I figured winamp would be the best since its made for pc's. but it also didnt allow it.
  6. ulao

    ulao Well-Known Member

    Rocket Player, solved my issues thx!

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