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  1. jreink01

    jreink01 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know, when I save a ringtone from a app, where does it get stored, on the sd card or in the android memory. And what would be the name of the file, I can't find the ones I downloaded. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. davidmargolin

    davidmargolin Well-Known Member

    please give me the name of the app and i will check it out... prob stored in sd card...
  3. jreink01

    jreink01 Well-Known Member

    It is zedge ringtone app from the market place.

  4. jreink01

    jreink01 Well-Known Member

    Also, where would the ringtones that came with the phone be stored, I would like to delete the ones I will never use. I am rooted, s-ff and have mounted the disk as writable so I'm sure I will have no problem in deleting them, when I can find them.
  5. davidmargolin

    davidmargolin Well-Known Member

    i have just downloaded it and checked it out... the ringtone is on your sd card...
    go to the zedge folder then... go to the ringtones folder... and you should find your ringtone there...
  6. davidmargolin

    davidmargolin Well-Known Member

    this might be different if you are using a rom but ringtones should be located at
    hope this helped
  7. jreink01

    jreink01 Well-Known Member

    You are right, thats where the stock ringtones are. Thanks
    But it is not where my downloaded ringtones are. Do you know where those are stored, they must be stored in a different folder. When I go to settings, sound, ringtones, it brings up a list of ringtones, both stock and the downloaded ones. So, whichever folder the downloaded ringtones are in, the phone is seeing them in that folder. I have downloaded ringtones from several different apps, one is zedge. I looked in the zedge folder on the sd card and the ones I downloaded from that app are in there. Am I correct in assuming that all ringtones, stock and downloaded ones are kept in different folders instead of one place and if that is the case, the phone would see all these differnt folders then. Sorry, but I just want to make sure I am understanding this.
  8. davidmargolin

    davidmargolin Well-Known Member

    yes.. the phone sees the ringtones in many diff folders... ringtones from diff apps are found on diff sd card folders while all of the ringtones are also found in the system directory
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  9. sarahgraham

    sarahgraham Member

    what is a good site or app the get the best ringtones? i am sick of the same old boring ones... know of an app where i can create my own ringtones??
  10. myshkin

    myshkin Well-Known Member

    There are several apps for this, it depends on what you want to do. Do you want to take part of a song you like, say the chorus & make that into a ringtone? That's what I did because when I just chose a song I liked, I just heard the opening music at first. I used mp3 ringtone editor. I deleted & replaced every ringtone, notification & alarm sound. Since I only use 1 alarm sound & 1 notification sound, I didn't see any reason to have that stealing my space. So while I was doing that I decided to delete the languages I will never use & also fonts.

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