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[ROM][CDMA/VZW][2.3.5]Stock+Root Vanilla

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  1. dsb9938

    dsb9938 Well-Known Member Developer

    Stock, rooted, that's it.

    I am posting this becuase people kind of asked for it.

    It's stock with root, therefore I will not be supporting it. I've done nothing to it.

    It is not deodexed, or zipaligned, or anything else.

    Flash in Heimdall and wipe after, as usual.



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  2. dsb9938

    dsb9938 Well-Known Member Developer

    Guess I can stop posting here. Since nobody seems to care much.

  3. jxker

    jxker Well-Known Member

    please keep posting, it took me two weeks to get a response that let me know 2.3.5 couldnt be easily rooted.....there are still people here that need your help
  4. TadPole415

    TadPole415 New Member

    I am enjoying, thank you, D!!

    Although technically still DJ11 (no EC02 update), Tab had been Z4ROOTed, WPA_SUPPLICANT file replaced (for ad-hoc network access), and a few apps which require root access.

    Z4ROOT configuration had to be corrected first: I could not [initially] flash D's stock+root EI04, as tab refused to start. Volume-up/power multi-flashed menu, then quickly disappeared, so it wasn't even possible to wipe data & cache.

    After a few failed attempts, I flashed files to "Restore VZW Galaxy Tab to stock DJ11", and immediately flashed D's stock+root 2.3.5, which [then] worked.

    After TB batch restore, the only minor glitch was non-responsive camera app, which soon "forced OFF" (not app Forced Close: attempted use of camera powered off Tab). After rebooting, camera/"flash" [then] worked.

    Other than that, I noticed AdFree Android isn't... meaning ads show in apps that "never" had 'em before... TBD why. [edit: App update and download of new local hosts apparently required after EI04 update.]

    Happy to be GINGERBREADed and rooted... thanks, D !!
  5. dsauch

    dsauch Active Member

    does anyone know where to get this rom? the download seems to be dead :-(

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