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[ROM LIST] Suitable ROM List 100% Working ROM's Only

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  1. lucas.childers

    lucas.childers Well-Known Member


    If you do not yet have Root on your phone, then go here for a guide.

    HTC released a test version of their Sense with Android 4.0 ROM. Most of the ROM's in this list will now be on Android v4.0 or higher. That said, there will still be a few 3.0/3.5 ROM's because the 4.0 are not fully working yet. Let's get started!

    - - - LIST - - -

    TripNRaver's ASOP ICS - BETA
    I used this ROM for about a month. It is VERY good. The problems are that the Camera and Bluetooth do not work. The version that was released on Christmas day is currently pretty buggy, it is the first version of the beta. Therefor Alpha 7.7 is the best so far. This is TRUE ASOP.

    Virtuous Inquisition v1.2.0 - BETA
    This is also a Android 4.0 ROM but it is based of of Sense. Although the Sense is removed, it can be found in the Camera/Dialer ext. I have used Virtuous ROM's in the past and give them a VERY high rating. 9/10 isn't enough but 10/10 is too much. If it took a test, it would get a 95%.

    Android Revolution HD 5.0.2 XE ICS - LINK
    This is also a Android v4.0 ROM. It uses the Beats Audio Technology, which is sorta a scam because it is only functional when using the HTC Music player. This one uses Sense 3.5 which is revised for Android 4.0. Android Revolution has been a VERY reliable source for ROM's in the past, and this one will be no exception. If you like Sense with your ROM's, this one is perfect.

    RCMix Ice v1.1 - LINK
    This is the father of the Android 4.0 ROM's, the very first HTC Sensation ROM came from the RCMix team. This is very good and reliable ROM, but it is a bit slow compared to the rest. Being over 400Mb in size, it is just about the original Sense 3.5 with Android 4.0 ROM that HTC released.

    Thanks for checking out the ROM's,

  2. evilbeaver

    evilbeaver Member

    there is also another rom that is super fast and reliable i have been using for about a 2 weeks now called ENERGY it has alot of blue and the chef stay on his updates always adding or removing differant things. great rom awsome eye candy check it out... [ROM][WWE] |September 7| Energy
  3. lucas.childers

    lucas.childers Well-Known Member

  4. Nexus1

    Nexus1 Well-Known Member

    So far I have tried the beast Rom and the energy Rom. Both good beast rom kind of boring and the energy I just flashed. It looks awesome and is fast so far but idk about the battery life seems to be draining very quickly. If you want a ROM with GREAT battery life flash the beast Rom ill be testing others as well.
    evilbeaver likes this.
  5. evilbeaver

    evilbeaver Member

    the batt took about two days to set becuase i didnt full wipe.lol but after that had awsome batt so far so good with energy rom will also try beast rom thanks for the tips. great thread btw..
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  6. lucas.childers

    lucas.childers Well-Known Member

    Thank you. :)
  7. CdTDroiD

    CdTDroiD Well-Known Member

    Missing alot of ROMs there mate
  8. lucas.childers

    lucas.childers Well-Known Member

    It's been a while since I have updated it, working on it tonight.
  9. deez1977

    deez1977 Member

    Forgive me if a dumb question, but what criteria are you using for "fully functional?"

    I've been running XboarderMod Cm7/AOSP Hybrid v1.1for a few days now & really like it.

    CtDroid, i ran Pyramid for a few days & got CRAZY high scores on CF bench!! Only issue I had, which may have been caused by my "tweaks", was device getting very warm & battery life.
  10. lucas.childers

    lucas.childers Well-Known Member

    Most of the ROMs are fully functional, if the camera doesn't work then its not fully functional. Ext
  11. chong67

    chong67 Well-Known Member

  12. lucas.childers

    lucas.childers Well-Known Member

    Hm. I don't exactly know what you mean by clean ROM but a nice Sense free ROM is The BeastMOD XE.

    That's my favorite.
  13. chong67

    chong67 Well-Known Member

    What I mean by clean ROM are those crab thing that are not necessary to be on there like Green Hornet 3D and all those junk that T-mobile or Sprint put on there.

    It must have HTC Sense on there.
  14. lucas.childers

    lucas.childers Well-Known Member

    I think your talking about bloatware. Most if not all ROMs get rid of these apps. Sense 3.0 requires a few but not much.
  15. markbehr

    markbehr Well-Known Member

    the beastMOD isnt too bad but i having trouble scrolling in the app drawer and i cant reinstall my paid apps. any help would be appreciated thanks.
  16. lucas.childers

    lucas.childers Well-Known Member

    I would clear all your accounts, and re log-in to the market on the account that you have purchased your apps. That's my best idea. :/
  17. markbehr

    markbehr Well-Known Member

    well i got everything working ok now except for the paid app part. now when i try reinstalling my paid apps some are saying my phone dont support these apps eventhough i had them on there before.
  18. lucas.childers

    lucas.childers Well-Known Member

    Hm, I'm not sure, maybe the new updates to the Phone/App's are making it unavailable. I'm rooted and constantly switching ROM's and usually they work fine unless the ROM is broken.
  19. markbehr

    markbehr Well-Known Member

    any other good roms i can try besides the others on here. how about cm7. i had that on my other phone and i liked it.
  20. lucas.childers

    lucas.childers Well-Known Member

    Give this it is ASOP ICS. The camera doesn't work, but other than that it is really good.
  21. PRao700

    PRao700 Member

    Im trying to load these new ice cream sandwich roms but every time I try to upgrade my firmware, I keep getting "model ID incorrect" and it says reboot. I can only load gingerbread ROMS like Android Revolution 3.xxxxxxx
  22. markbehr

    markbehr Well-Known Member

    i tried installing a few ICS roms and the firmware but all i got was my phone getting stuck on the white screen with the green htc logo. nothing.

    DJxDECKSTAR New Member

    i flash new roms all the time and this process with the ics roms was hard at first but now its as easy as all other roms , the main thing u need to do is flash the 3.24 / 3.25 firmware after you flash the rom you want then bingo works fine , then after that all new ics roms work like before easy :)
  24. markbehr

    markbehr Well-Known Member

    i installed android revolution hd 6.2.1 xe 4.0.3 and so far so good. the only issue i have now is that some of my paid apps i had before are now saying my phone isnt compatible. frustrating. oh another is my stock keyboard onlly vibrated off and on, so i installed the ics keyboard but havent tried it yet.

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