Root, Install and Use Link2SD on your X8

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  1. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member

    Hi, I just got my SONY Xperia X8.
    I managed to get Link2SD working on my Xperia X8 after much research.

    suhel28 - for all his postings on All Things Root section (If you are new you MUST read first before attempting to do this).

    Here is how I did it.

    DISCLAIMER: Please use the info below at your own risk with no warranty of any kind.

    Step 1: Backup your SD Card to your PC

    Step 2: Update your Xperia X8 to Eclair 2.1 using PC Companion

    Note: The latest Build Number for Xperia X8 is - 2.1.1.A.0.6.
    You can check it by going to <Settings><About phone>

    Step 3: Root your Xperia X8 (Eclair 2.1) - use SuperOneClickv1.7-ShortFuse

    Step 3a: Root your Xperia X8
    - download and unzip SuperOneClickv1.7-ShortFuse to PC Desktop
    - connect Xperia X8 to PC (Do not mount)
    - on your phone <goto><setting><applications> select <unknown sources>
    - on your phone <goto><settings><applications><development> select <usb debugging>
    - Launch SuperOneClick -> click <Root>
    - you will see - <not successful - is your phone software higher than 2.0?>
    - click <yes> and then <success> & <test su> message

    Step 3b: If you are successful in ROOTING your phone - SuperUser app will be installed to your Xperia X8
    Step 3c: If your are not successful - check your PC <device><usb> to see if your phone is recognized by your PC (to troubleshoot - download X8 drivers from SE website <install drivers> then try <Launch><SuperOneClick>


    Step 4a: Switch off your Xperia X8 and pull out your SD Card
    Step 4b: Format your SD card to FAT32 (I am using stock 2GB) - recommend you use an adapter (I used a SD CARD Adaptor)

    Partitioning Tool:
    Partition Wizard for Windows

    Step 5a: Partition SD card into 2 FAT32 partitions (e.g. 1.37GB & 500MB).
    Step 5b: Set both partitions to PRIMARY -> [Do not name your partitions]

    Note: 1.37GB is now your phone storage and 500MB will be used by Link2SD app - so don't put stuff into that 2nd partition :)

    NOTE: According to some users from the XDA-Developers site it is not advisable to set the 2nd partition greater than 1GB. Experiment at your own risk :)

    Step 6a: Put SD Card back into your Xperia X8 and restart
    Step 6b: Connect Xperia X8 to PC - Mount SD Card

    Step 7a: Copy your data back into your SD card's biggest partition.
    Step 7b: Copy Link2SD v1.5.3 apk to the root of SD card

    Note: You can get Link2SD APK from here :- Link2SD

    Step 7c: UnMount your Phone (SD Card) from your PC

    Step 8: Goto Market download Astro File Manager (if you don't have a File Manager)

    Step 9: Launch Astro and install Link2SD

    Step 10a: Launch Link2SD -> Root access required (SuperUser -> allow access) - within the Link2SD app, select the apps <click> that you want to move to SD Card and press <Create Link>

    Step 10b: If your select an app that has already been linked -> you can use <Remove Link> to put the app back into your phone's memory.

    1) After you have "MOVED" all your apps to SD Card you MUST to reboot your phone in order to "See" and "Use" the apps again.
    2) Apps that cannot be used or get a "Forced Quit" dialogue box will have to be reinstalled and then move again to SD Card using Link2SD app.
    3) System apps cannot be moved to SD Card. You can REMOVE them by using Root Explorer app
    4) If you want your installed apps to be updated via Market - Launch Link2SD & Hit the <Market Fix> button (ONLY after you have moved your apps to the SD Card and reboot your X8)
    5) Use Link2SD to check your storage info - if your use the "Settings" option on your phone, you will not be able to see the 2nd partition's info.
    6) When you mount your Xperia X8 be CAREFUL not to copy files into or remove files from the 2nd partition.

    And that's it. Have Fun!!! :)

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  2. choemin

    choemin Member


    I got a 4GB memory card. How to partition?

  3. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    I think it's about personal preference.
    For a 4GB SD Card I would set my 2nd partition to 900MB.

  4. choemin

    choemin Member

    thanks... i try
  5. staycool

    staycool Member

    Is there any way to move apps to sd card without partitioning? cos i dun have and sd adapter=(
  6. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    I think the partition app allows you to partition you SD card even if the SD card is in your phone. I have done it using Disk Utility but its a Mac O/S Snow Leopard Utility.

    You can try...

    Step 1
    <connect><mount> your Xperia X8 to PC using USB cable
    check to see if your phone's SD card is accessible via the PC

    Step 2
    <launch> Partition Application and <select> the SD card
    <partition> the SD card into 2 partitions.

    and that's it...

    cheers :)

    Do or do Not... there is no Try - Yoda
  7. staycool

    staycool Member

    k, i'll try it=)
  8. staycool

    staycool Member

    Im currently using MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition v5.2. I see my sd card there with file system of Fat32 but the 'create' button is grayed out. Why is tat?
  9. staycool

    staycool Member

    Nevermind.Found the problem. Thx for the partitioning method anyway!=)
  10. dowla

    dowla New Member

    i turned on debugging mode
    sd card is unmounted
    drivers are newest, i checked online from device manager (comp see my mob like portable device h:, is that ok?)
    and at the end allways the same : "waiting for device"
    Help please!
  11. unban007

    unban007 Member

    how about if you have 8gb or 16gb? :D
  12. unban007

    unban007 Member

    i have a question
    Step 7b - Copy Link2SD "TO THE ROOT ROOT OF SD CARD" - what do you mean ? to the biggest partition or to the 500mb partition?
  13. Guitaristkam

    Guitaristkam Member

    Hi folks, new here, so hello

    Edit : dont worry, got it sorted, magic, thanks for posting
  14. gombalmukiyo

    gombalmukiyo Member

    Wahat if my build number 2.0.1.A.0.47 ? can i use that software too
  15. ravi_X8

    ravi_X8 Member

    what if my build no. is not as mentioned above????& i already have android 2.1??/
  16. jorg31

    jorg31 New Member

    did everything right, but my phone keeps restarting...
    does anyone know how to fix this???
  17. staycool

    staycool Member

    Its ok. My phone is a different bulid number but the method still works on my phone.:)
  18. tanabe

    tanabe Well-Known Member

    The root of your media partition ( the bigger one )
  19. stevencsp

    stevencsp New Member

    Hi I need help please... I installed Link2SD and then move some applications to SD cards. After that I reboot my X8 and my disconnecting and sometimes it is not able to connect to my wifi router. Does anyone has this issue happens or any solution? :'(
  20. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    I don't think wifi connection has anything to do with Link2SD.
    Try to read the previous post regarding wifi issues.

    cheers :)
  21. kbartk

    kbartk Member

    I'am using X8 and I have installed link2sd but every time I want to start it says force closed.Am I doing something wrong.
    P.S Rooted,sd card partioned (fat32 primary1,3gb:ext2 primary 500mb)
  22. kbartk

    kbartk Member

    I'am using X8 and I have installed link2sd but every time I want to start it says force closed.Am I doing something wrong.
    P.S Rooted,sd card partioned (fat32 primary1,3gb:ext2 primary 500mb)
  23. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member

    Link2SD does not require ext2 partition.
    Do check if you still have some data stuff in your Android folder and .android_secure folder.
    Do check if your partitions have been named. Link2SD does not work with named partitions.

    cheers :)
  24. kbartk

    kbartk Member

    I am new in this.This is for the record.I can't see second partition of the sd card on the phone.How can I see the second partition?Thanks
    whenI start link2sd it says "the application Link 2sd(process com.buak.link2sd)has stopped unexpectedly.Please try again.
  25. ravi_X8

    ravi_X8 Member

    hiiii am having 8Gb sd card.. i have rooted my phone now i want to partition it but when i use mini tool for partition create partition option is not showing.plzzzzzzzzzzz help..

    thanks in advance...........

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