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  1. sirilpta

    sirilpta New Member

    Here i will give you steps to root ur SAMSUNG GALAXY SL within 4 steps,
    follow the instructions:

    ( Make sure that kies is installed in your PC and the drivers for I9003 is also installed in your PC )

    1.) download and install " SUPERCLICK v1.9.5 " in your PC given in the attatchment below.

    2.) In ur phone goto Settings--Wireless & Networks--USB setting--select Ask On Connection

    3.) Check USB debugging mode in settings---applications--Development

    4.) Plug your GALAXY SL to PC and connect in usb storage mode, open superclick and click on the " ROOT " tab of the superclick.

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  2. tunchin

    tunchin New Member

    hi.... shall we backup all our data before root?
  3. etmaster15

    etmaster15 New Member

    But you must root before backup.!
  4. krospyke

    krospyke Well-Known Member

    so when "asked on connection", what shall we click?
  5. souravbasak7

    souravbasak7 Member

    how to install the drivers for the gt i9003 galaxy sl.. i've the samsung kies installed on my pc.. bt nt drivers hw to gt tht??
  6. souravbasak7

    souravbasak7 Member

    hey.. thanks alot mates.. i rooted my samsung galaxy sl ... it worked.. thans alot..
  7. genius1990

    genius1990 New Member

    thanks a really worked ...i am gratefull for ur help..thanks
  8. At7adaEl3alam

    At7adaEl3alam New Member

    is this way work for samsung galaxy i9003

    jpkp5 arabic gingerbread version
  9. hpog

    hpog New Member

    Android Forums has been my reference ever since i first rooted my galaxy mini (and bricked it later on) and now that i have a galaxy sl. You guys are a very trustworthy source. Thanks for your generosity towards noobies like me. More power.
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  10. sanikrating

    sanikrating New Member

    The attached file cannot be downloaded as there is a trojan virus. Beware!
  11. Mizofire

    Mizofire Active Member on 2.3.5 gingerbread ...can i use this method to root...another question can i unroot again if i need to?
  12. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    This method does not work for gingerbread
  13. Jeff2506

    Jeff2506 New Member

    When i download the zip file "superone Click" my antivirus notifies me that it has a virus.
  14. Ashley1987

    Ashley1987 New Member

    When i click usb debugging my phone doesn't ask which connection i would like.
    It does show on my phone that i'm in usb debugging mode though:(.
  15. Silentkiller10

    Silentkiller10 New Member

    Umm can I root Samsung Galaxy SL on this version:

    KERNEL VERSION: root@DELL132 #1

    Please reply. Yes I am new to Android world and this is my first android phone.
    Thank you! :)
  16. abhi007008009

    abhi007008009 New Member

    how do i know,if my phone is rooted or not?
  17. chaiunique

    chaiunique New Member

  18. uhak00

    uhak00 Member

    what do you mean with check? and where should i open superclick? on my phone or on the computer
  19. sahiloops

    sahiloops New Member

    Device not found error....
  20. Nustian2008

    Nustian2008 New Member

  21. Nooby Geek

    Nooby Geek New Member

    For Mac? How'd u do it?
  22. DrSadir

    DrSadir Member

    how can i know that my device is rooted or not??
  23. prosamir

    prosamir New Member

  24. Zaw Myo

    Zaw Myo New Member


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