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Rooted phone cannot check for ICS update

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  1. jviggiano

    jviggiano New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I have a rooted HTC Thunderbolt with just the stock Gingerbread and HTC Touch ROM.
    Like many Thunderbolt users, I quickly got word of the ICS update rolling out and am willing to OTA it and unroot just to have ICS.
    However, when I go to Settings -> Software Update -> Check New, tapping Check New does nothing. It just blips green for a second and doesn't perform the check.
    I tried a simple reboot and that didn't fix the issue. Of course I can try a factory reset, but I'd rather have that be a last resort.

    Does anyone else have this issue or know if it's normal for rooted Thunderbolts? Thanks!

  2. santod

    santod New Member

    Most rooted roms, block OTA's so that users don't wake up to a locked phone one morning.
    If you are rooted, my suggestion is to stay rooted and go grab the rooted stock ICS that I posted at InfectedRom forums. There are 4 versions, Full stock and Debloated stock, Odexed and Deodexed.
    No point in losing root just to have the update.
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  3. jviggiano

    jviggiano New Member

    Thank you so much santod. Your reply was very helpful.

    Now I have another obstacle that has me stumped...

    I rooted a few months ago seemingly successfully. Now, I think there's something wrong with my root. Titanium backup just sits at "Asking for root rights", root checker just sits at "Please wait for root check to complete" and ROM manager doesn't do anything when I tap my phone model for the recovery.

    Can I just "re-root" could it be that simple?

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