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Rooting the 1.5 cupcake version of the G1

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  1. denisvit

    denisvit New Member

    I have not yet rooted my phone and was planning to do it this week. But I stupidly updated my phones firmware to cupcake 1.5.

    I am a UK owner of the G1 phone. What should I do to root. Should I somehow downgrade my firmware.

    Is it easy to root?

    I also watched a video from CoolPstuts on youtube (YouTube - How To Mod / Jailbreak G1 (to get root access) pt. 1) and his explanaton for rooting was good. Could someone tell me if that is all I have to do even if I have 1.5?

    What are the pros and cons of rooting?

    Thanks in advance, I am a real noob. ALL HELP APPRECIATED! :)

  2. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Click the links for Rooting and UnRooting in my signature (below)... to see if it is for you
  3. The Spirit

    The Spirit New Member

    i tried this on my german g1 with FW 1.5

    but after putting the dreaimg.nbh on the sd card and starting with camera button presse, i get an "not allowe" info and can only restart.
    any ideas how to go on?
  4. eagle

    eagle Member

    You would have to go back to RC7 (UK) for a rootable version.
    For flashing the G1 outside of the designated upgrade path, you would have to create a goldcard sd (once) and apply hardspl later. After rooting, you can update to 1.5 again. There are plenty of links available everywhere.
  5. The Spirit

    The Spirit New Member

    i managed to root my g1 with FW 1.5 on it yesterday with the goldcard option.
    just works like a charm (after spending 4 hrs on monday and 3 hrs yesterday evening on it ;-)
  6. alexdroid

    alexdroid New Member

    ok , now i can spend 8 hours of today XD

    give me some faqs

    what is the goldcard optionn :/
    help me! thx

    alexyamil from Puertorricoo!! =)

    android proud user

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