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Rooting the hero???

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  1. atsavlis

    atsavlis Member

    Greeting guys.

    Im new to the forum, and new to the whole android platform. As a former iPhone owner who had his phone jailbroken, I was wondering if there any reason for me to root my hero, and if yes what the benefits are. What im mainly interested in is allocating some of the ram the systme uses to my sd card so that it can run faster...

    Any ideas???

  2. my05

    my05 Active Member


    you just said it :) I did exactly that today, partitioning my class 6 microsdhc card according to the appstosd tutorial and moved all apps onto the sd-card. The result is a much more rapid phone (no kidding, it is very noticable).

    One word of warning: I tried to use the paragon partition manager and it totally screwed up my computer (an acer aspire one 150 w/o cd-drive) since the software touches partitions that it should not (in my case, with no cd-drive, i had to resort to BARTPe and making a bootable usb-drive and copy the entire xp installation onto another usb-drive to re-install everything.

    Appstosd did not handle the partitioning at first (force closed all the time) but suddenly it worked (20 hours and one reinstalled xp later....).

    Long story short. Do it for the speed (of your phone, that is :)


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  3. atsavlis

    atsavlis Member

    Daniel thanks for your reply...

    I been looking around and have noticed that appstosd only works on routed phones?? Would you be able to tell me how you managed it on your hero?? And if possible where I can find the tutorial??

  4. nospamjl

    nospamjl Member

  5. atsavlis

    atsavlis Member

    So, I managed to root my hero...
    I am now trying to do the whole Apps to Sd procedure, but am not managing, any ideas??
    If we do a restore on the phone, does it return it to its original state, or is it still rooted???
  6. PhilS

    PhilS Member

    Does this root solution rely on an Orange ROM?

    Is there a ROM for Unlocked (straight from manufacture) Hero?

    I don't want Orange settings on my phone! :D
  7. atsavlis

    atsavlis Member

    I got my phone unlocked/unbranded in greece... So no Orange setting on my side, brilliant phone, all i want is to realocate the space for the apps to give itthat little extra umph... lol

    Been looking around for a original hero rom, and also how to move the apps to my sd card using the appstosd method... waiting on the 'big boys' for their advice...
  8. nospamjl

    nospamjl Member

  9. PhilS

    PhilS Member

    Aha...excellent. Thank you! :D
  10. namtaffy

    namtaffy Member

    does rooting effect the ability to buy/install paid for apps or copy protected apps?
  11. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    NOPE -- is a sure way to be able to backup paid & copy-protected apps ...
  12. robadub

    robadub Active Member

    could someone please explain rooting in very basic terms for a noob please ?

    or is it the sort of thing i should not be messing with if i need to ask that question :D
  13. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Best way to think of it is gaining full admin rights to the phone's OS. A very good overview can be found here.

    You won't know until you find out. ;) I've next-to-no experience of Linux and none whatsoever of Android, but I managed to root my Hero first time without mishap. I see huge potential in using it to its full advantage, and decided the only way I'd do that was by getting full control over how it works.
  14. hoppy1986

    hoppy1986 Well-Known Member

    what are the advantages of having a rooted phone? what can you do on a rooted phone that you can not on a unrooted phone?
  15. Djdios

    Djdios Member

    I would like to know this as well. I really can't se the diference besides the speed perhaps. Nothing exceptional about it.
  16. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    There's no difference in performance between stock and rooted in my experience, at least not right away. There was an improvement once I'd added a 32MB swap partition, moved my apps to another 500MB one, moved the cache files to /sdcard, removed SenseUI etc, but that wasn't my reason for doing it.

    The advantage of root access is just that - full and unhindered control over the entire system. I've pulled the whole thing onto my PC so that I can pore over it and start to understand how things tick, although I'll need a better reference than an 8yo copy of "OpenLinux Unleashed". ;)

  17. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

  18. Yeah_Mick

    Yeah_Mick Active Member

    im new too al this rooting, but if i root my phone will i lose all my contacts and settings? will it be like starting from fresh again?
  19. vince.donald

    vince.donald Member

    I've been debating whether to update to a 1.6 Donut ROM and root my phone, a few post here show it may be worth it since I have an 8gig SD card in the phone so I have plenty of space for swap files etc.

    I wish the mobile operators would leave the names alone, it does seem to cause some confusion.

    I know what I've got cos I got mine on Orange - HTC Hero.

  20. SDscorch

    SDscorch Well-Known Member

    hey! no one ever answered him!

    and, i wanna know...... if you root a phone, can you ever "un" root it??


    quoting linked blog.. "The good thing about having root is you can go back if you want. ...."

    (slaps head)

    keep movng - nothing to see here!lol
  21. gidkid

    gidkid New Member

    I don't know about the answer to whether your phone is still rooted after a restore, but I do know that there are special things called RUUs that you can find easily online that will restore your phone to factory settings, including un-rooting it. This is mostly used if you have to send your phone in for warranty work. I have a CDMA Hero, and I've just rooted it and installed the latest Amon Ra restore image. I'm just starting to realize the phone's full potential - going to try partitioning today.
  22. aidan257

    aidan257 Well-Known Member

    is it possible to root the hero using windows 7?
  23. vjprakashbe

    vjprakashbe Well-Known Member

    As far as I know the relation between rooting the phone and the operating system is, we just required to mount SD card to copy some files or may be we need adb if we root using any legacy style.

    If you want to go for some custom ROM then there are plenty of pre-rooted custom ROMs available. Those are all update.zip's and can be flashed from any custom recovery. Here we do not need adb.

    If you want to retain the stock ROM then we may need to have adb to root it. All android SDK's contain adb.exe in it.

    Even though I am not a win7 user, I do not see any reason why win7 do not support it.
  24. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

  25. vikngsfn2000

    vikngsfn2000 New Member

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