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  1. bravo s

    bravo s Active Member

    How to enter bootloader of this device.
    and how to root it

  2. Leondreux

    Leondreux Member

    I use an app called Z4Root which has an application on the Android Market. There are two buttons when you open the app: Permanent Root and Temporary Root. If my memory serves me right, I don't think temporary works. This app works really well and gets the job done quickly. Just the simple click of a button.

    When your phone is rooted, it also gives the option to re-root or un-root.
  3. bleach13

    bleach13 New Member

    is there another option please?Thanks
  4. bravo s

    bravo s Active Member

    I need to check the stock Hboot and recovery , how to go there?
  5. Flexman

    Flexman New Member

    Sure you did this with a Sony Ericsson Live?
    Z4 did not work for me, nor is the SE Live on the list of that program.
  6. Ljooba

    Ljooba Member

    I rooted my SE wt19i 4 times,if you are on 4.02.A.0.58 it easy to root,and after that update over air to newest firmware 4.02.A.0.62,don't update over PC Companion because root will be canceled.
    But if you all ready on newest 62 firmware it's little complicated.
    Then you need to flash to previous firmware 58 using flashtool and download from net 58 firmware,that's ftf format file.
    After flashing google it "Sony Ericsson wt19i root toolkit" and download from NAW_32,that tool work every time on my phone,follow the instructions and you will root without problems.
    If you have any question mail me.
  7. esai540

    esai540 New Member

    my sony ericsson wt19i mobile version is 2.3.4 weather it works to root my phone in this version or i need to update to new version.thks
  8. Sudharsun

    Sudharsun Member


    I have rooted my LwW and installed Rage kernel(Version and flashed Nova ROM V1. But with this combination, I am not getting my GPRS settings from my network provider. So I got the settings and configured it manually. Is there anyone having the same issue? Can someone tell me the best Kernel and ROM for my LwW and the use of .ftf file? Also can someone give me the step-by-step procedure of rooting and installing the custom kernel and ROM?


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