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    SO Im sure this is asked quite a bit, and I was reading through other posts, but they all seem dead. I still want to try to get an answer for this:

    Customizing the S view and S Pen (in-depth)

    Honestly I love both, but with them being so static they sort of lose functionality.

    Lest look at the S view, I actually use that camera app. its fast and easy.

    The issue I have is (at least) with the music player. Does anyone actually use the Samsung build in music player? Im sure its hand when you don't want to use so much data, but lets face it, Google music is better (no offense Samsung). So why cant I change it?

    The second thing that really annoys me about this. Message notification. Thanks for telling me I have a message, why the hell cant I view it now? I have to unlock my phone (I gave up on the unlock screen*) open the message app, and then view it. I think it would be ideal to just be able to read it from there.

    These are my two biggest complaints for the S view.

    now the S Pen. Honestly I bought the phone BECAUSE of the S Pen. Its quite amazing. I still send most of my Text messages by writing them out. It has a fine point, and quite a bit of functionality.

    Okay lets get to the bad stuff, which is mainly the Air Command. The S finder, Pen window, and action memo are nice, I will give them that, but seriously how often do people use the Scrap Booker and screen write? It just feels gimmicky. I would love to be able to edit this, oh I dont know lets say add a phone to it, so what ever window I'm in I can just pull up the phone. Maybe not exactly that, but you can get the idea.

    *I feel the lock screen is too buggy, Im guessing because with the S cover, there are now 3 ways to turn the phone on and it just freaks out.

    so here is my question: does anyone know of a custom rom, mod, or any app that gives me more customization for these things?


  2. Sonnydigs

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    You may be able to get some results with Nova Prime Launcher..

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