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S2 15% off through 12-7 Titanium color available. Promo code GS24U

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  1. Capowan

    Capowan Member

    It looks like the Titanium color is back in stock.

    And from the Boost Mobile Facebook page you can get 15% off.
    Promo code GS24U


    "Happy All-The-Days from Boost Mobile! Today is Pie Day. Celebrate by sending your friends & family this very special Pie Day Carol Card and get 15% off the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G (promo ends December 7, 2012).

    Visit Boostcarolcards.com to watch & send a PIE DAY Carol Card now and celebrate all-the-days this December."

    Enjoy :)

  2. Capowan

    Capowan Member

    The promo code is GS24U.

    From boost web site after applying the code.

    Promotional Discount - $55.50
    Subtotal (before freight and tax) $ 314.49

    From the facebook page:
    ***We apologize but our website, Boostcarolcards.com, is having some technical issues. If you'd like to redeem the promo and get 15% off the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G (promo ends December 7, 2012), please use promo code GS24U on

    Enjoy :):)
  3. oem3115

    oem3115 Member

    Just my luck i bought one at radio shack sunday :mad:

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