S2 Chargers ok for S4?Tips

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  1. Zola365

    Zola365 Active Member

    I have a few Samsung official chargers that I have at work, home etc...

    The S4 charger is a bit bigger and so is the battery.

    Is it ok to use the S2 charger to charge the S4, or should this be avoided?

    I tested the S2 charger and it works, but if its not the right power requirements etc and if it should be avoided, please let me know.

  2. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    It probably won't charge as fast, but as far as I know it should otherwise be okay.
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  3. trucky

    trucky Well-Known Member

    The S2 charger will work on the S4 but it is about half the amperage as the S4 charger, so expect double the time to a full charge. Get yourself a decent 2 Amp charger for a few bucks and be happy.
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