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  1. baz1983

    baz1983 New Member

    hi all new to the site and hoping to get some help. My S5830 Galaxy Ace was running low on charge so i plugged iin the charger yet it wouldnt charge, i tried the charger in my mates phone and it worked so i turned the phone off to see if it would work but now the phone just wont come back on ive tried all ways of turning it on home button volume button ect but there is just nothing happening, i use this phone to talk to my kids who live at the opposite end of the country and without it im completley stuck, any help will be massively apprec iated thanks

  2. baz1983

    baz1983 New Member

    Got the phone to come on was working and charging fine for ten minutes but then went off and back to square 1, Hope someone can help????
  3. dnana

    dnana Member

    How long is your battery old
    Is there any physical changes in battery

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  4. datuamerjr

    datuamerjr New Member

    Hi i'm new here i have a problem about my galaxy ace 5830 yesterday i try to update it with a custom rom of jb but while installation at the it says installation aborted after that my phone cannot be opened can somebody help me with this problem on how to resolve it?thanks
  5. Powie21

    Powie21 Active Member

    datuamerjr i suggest you flash back to stock firware via odin.
    check out the sticky on rooting and XDA forums as this question will have been answered many times previously in more detail.
    if your still stuck then start a new post as this post is regarding batterys.

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