Samsung Galaxy S 3, Verizon UnboxingGeneral

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  1. jae480

    jae480 Active Member

  2. laptopquestion

    laptopquestion Well-Known Member

    Need yet another one :sleep:

    Think we know what is in the box at this point :wavey:
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  3. treb1797

    treb1797 Well-Known Member

    Honestly, I still & never probably will understand why people produce these unboxing videos. What is the point ? What value or information does it provide ?

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  4. Ballymoss

    Ballymoss Well-Known Member

    Because you find out exactly what is in the box and conversely what ISN'T. So, for instance if a PC component has poor or no instructions or is poorly packaged leaving it susceptible to damage, you know about it and can take this into account when deciding whether to buy. You can also find out exactly what the user's first impressions are whereas the manufacturer's website will only tell you what they want you to hear. You may as well ask why Samsung have "User Reviews" of the S3 on their website?

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