Samsung Galaxy S III to US Cellular?

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  1. grayman

    grayman Active Member

    US Cellular appears prepped for the Galaxy S III | Android Central

    I saw this article today and thought I would share it. It is obviously not conclusive, but it would be nice to see USC have a top of the line phone shortly after it comes out.

    My dedication to having a physical keyboard limits my interest, but is anyone else interested if/when USC gets the GS3?

  2. Zebulon

    Zebulon Well-Known Member

    Oh man, I'd love that. I just got the Aviator, but my wife is due for an upgrade in a couple of months, so I could probably switch her to the Aviator and keep the GSIII for myself.
  3. vrodbrad

    vrodbrad New Member

    Just read on CNET news that five carriers are going to get the s3 and uscellular was one of them. Samsung said they are going to roll them out to the carriers starting in June. Also My guess this will be their next 4g Phone. I almost got the Aviator (glad I did not) after reading the reviews. Did get the S2 though and love it. Will have to wait till January though to get new phone though unless I bought it out right but just got new phone. But anyways good job uscellular getting the phone. Also it will have the dual core processor snapdragron instead of the quad core.
  4. grayman

    grayman Active Member

  5. kmf

    kmf Well-Known Member

    Fantastic, and it's about time.
  6. grayman

    grayman Active Member

  7. UpgradeWaiting

    UpgradeWaiting New Member

  8. grayman

    grayman Active Member

  9. UpgradeWaiting

    UpgradeWaiting New Member

    Thanks for the info. My worry was prompted in that Samsung announced that they were "reworking" S3s in order to up the RAM. The article also stated that "not all" S3s would get the rework so they would ship with 1GB of RAM. If this is a done deal, why the heck don't the techs on technical support at USC know this?
  10. grayman

    grayman Active Member

    That concern makes sense. I doubt that USC would announce 2GB if they weren't sure as they are sometimes coy about identifying all of the specs on their phones. As for the lack of knowledge of their support techs, I will say that of all the things I find favorable about USC, the knowledge of their employees doesn't even come close to making the list. I can't speak for the company as a whole, but my local experiences have been that if you want any information, you need to do research on your own before you get to the store.

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