Samsung Note II Poweramp File Issues

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  1. myvinyl333

    myvinyl333 Member

    I just got a Note and put Poweramp on to play my flac music files in my car but I cannot get Poweramp to locate any music files on my external card only ringtones and one file on the main card? Am I missing something here?

  2. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Hello :)
    I believe there is a setting in PowerAmp to look for music files.
    Open poweramp/menu/settings/folders and library/music folders.
    Select the external sd card/music or where ever you have music stored. :)
  3. myvinyl333

    myvinyl333 Member

    I was able to locate the correct file and deselect all the ringtones and sound files. I on have 10G available and will need to get a much larger SD card. Trying to learn the Note and Poweramp at the same time is quite a task. But flac sounds much better on my car system than MP3.
  4. myvinyl333

    myvinyl333 Member

    I was able to try Poweramp and Winamp. But now I have missing file issues....
  5. SkyJackpot

    SkyJackpot Well-Known Member

    Using PowerAmp, what method did you use to attempt to find your files?

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